Saturday, January 12, 2013

I am gonna be MIA....

Until about March, I am betting I will be MIA.  While I have great intentions, I am gonna go ahead and give myself a 'pass' on blogging.  I came home Wednesday night and found out that we would be handing over our house key in 3 weeks!  HOLY COW....yes, 3 WEEKS!!!!
Guess I need to back up and explain.  We put our house on the market, and I said, "if it doesn't sell in 60 days then it wasn't meant to be."  It was the week before Christmas when we officially put the sign in the yard and we had two people look.  We got a call the Saturday before Christmas, and found out that we had an interested couple.  They would make an offer after Christmas.  I didn't think much of it, because to me, that is like going in a store and saying, "I may come back later" and you know you don't.  The day after Christmas, we got a call around 3 saying we had an offer.  We countered and they accepted!  We had papers signed within an hour (gotta love the internet!).  From there it has been a roller-coaster.
I am a big believer if it is meant to be, it will be.  The couple that bought our house is from out of town and they weren't sure where they wanted to land.  They just knew they wanted the Nashville area.  They didn't care if it was Franklin, Murfreesboro, Gallatin, Hendersonville, Mt. Juliet....they had told their Realtor they just wanted to look everywhere.  Our house was the 2nd house they went in and they apparently told their Realtor that they were done looking.  This was the house for them!  A few days later,  John's mom, who works at a local hair salon, was finishing up when a lady came in and asked about a job.  She explained to Rose that they had just bought this cute little house and they are moving in from out of town.  She was just seeing if they had an opening.  She started to explain the house and my mother in law said, "Is it (insert address)?  And the lady looked amazed!  Rose said, "that's my son's house--or was!"  Can we say, small world and meant to be!
Back to why I will be MIA until March.  Today mom and I pretty much got our house packed!  We have worked non stop all day.  All cabinets and drawers are empty, the attic is mostly unloaded, and it is all boxed ready to go.  We just have to actually take it now.  We do lack clothes and small stuff, but that can't happen now.
Another reason is because it is consignment season!  If you remember my house from the summer, it was a bit crazy!  I am not taking on 22 people this time, but I will do at least 5-7.  I will also work there as much as possible.  The first week of March I will attend the Created for Care retreat again this year.  I loved it and can hardly wait to go back.  I have also committed to running a 1/2 marathon with some friends.  While a 13 mile run use to be a relaxing easy run, I am a bit nervous, to say the least!  Last but not least I have about 7 sewing orders to fulfill.  I am hoping to get that done before we move.  I am also hoping to get the bulk of my tagging done before moving.  Lots to do, so I am gonna be in my own little world for a bit.  I will try to catch up, but no guarantees.
Well, at least I am keeping busy and keeping the waiting process for Easton off my mind, right?!?!?  I am totally doing a great job at waiting. ;)