Thursday, January 30, 2014

Off to spend the night!

Over Christmas break, Olivia wanted to spend the night at my parents house.  She LOVES to do this.  We don't do it often because she stays there during the week, and I feel bad for them to have her that much, but she was really wanting to.  Just as I settled in to watch Grey's Anatomy on our DVR (around 11:00 pm) our phone rang.  She wanted to come home.  Luckily, we only live 4 miles away.  I sent John and settled back in for Grey's.  ;)
Monday night of this week, she wanted to go back to their house.  She told me she wanted to stay the whole week!  It had been that kind of day around here.  She packed her bag, got her school things and was ready.  We ate dinner and gave her a bath because she had MDO Tuesday.  She literally came around the corner looking like this and said, "ready!!!" 



This guy was under the weather, so he was extra fussy.
 I don't know what his "normal" is yet, but he hasn't acted like this and he looked pitiful.  It was a great night for Olivia to go to Mammy and Buppy's.  Easton has been sleeping through the night but didn't nap Monday.  Odd.  He didn't sleep Monday night either.  I figured he would be exhausted, but nope.
 Before Monday, Easton was going to sleep in 5-10 minutes.  Now it is taking 45 min to an hour.  He only slept an hour or so at a time.  When the school bus went by and I saw the sun come up I decided I would just lay down with him.  I was getting him to sleep and then as I would leave he would pop up.  I sat at the door, sat in the hall, and made it to the guest bedroom once.  He wasn't having it.  Maybe he just needed extra security that night?!    
 I took him back to the doctor Wednesday morning (When I called the nurse they said we should come back in--I was hoping for an over the phone solution.)  thinking it was his ears, but our doctor said it could just be the congestion causing him to feel yucky.  I told our doctor that I didn't know because its hard to distinguish grief and not feeling well at this point.  Olivia had a distinct cry.  I still remember it. 


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Heading out!

I decided that I needed to get out and so did everyone else!  We have been cooped up too much and the 'togetherness' is trying my patience.  Don't get me wrong, I love being home with them, but when one child is grieving, one child is acting out and the parents are exhausted it makes for a few long days.  I know I will look back on these days and think, "it wasn't that bad!" but in the moment, it seems bad.  They are both adjusting in their own way, but it takes time.  We are in that time frame now.  Short adventures with little or no crowd help us all.  Today was a good day!  We went to Opry Mills because I knew it wouldn't be crowded since it is the middle of the week.  We walked the main circle, ate lunch, went in three stores, rode the carousel, and then returned home.  I want to go back soon because they are having great sales and I wanted to get both kids some things.

 No clue what was so funny, but Olivia rode today like a champ!  She always wants to ride and then once we are on she has been terrified of the carousel, but not today!  I was standing next to her, but ventured to get in front of her to get a picture and she was so proud of herself for doing it on her own!

Easton wasn't so sure, but he tried to smile. Doesn't he look like a little old man here?!
Olivia is out of her lotion so we went in bath and Body Works.  Its awfully hard to make all those decisions.  Olivia and I always smell most of everything.  Towards the end, Easton decided he should do the same!
 Hog heaven!  She LOVES the lego store!  We are hoping to go to Atl to LEGOLAND while I am on leave. ready! :)  She looked at everything!  She squealed when she saw the Lego friends.  Somehow, we left without spending a penny!

We also visited the Disney store.  She wants an Olaf stuffed animal.  He won't be out until March.  She lost her bunny in Korea (I think our cleaning lady scooped him up in the sheets) and she wants Olaf to replace the bunny.  She hasn't even seen the movie!  I think that is on our list for next week!  John and I are thinking of small outings to save our sanity.  Staying close to home most days, but non-crowded places for a couple hours helped all of us today.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

First weekend home!

As we moved through Friday, I couldn't help but think about our Saturday last week (I was using Korean time).  I happened to look at the clock right when we got to the airport to check in.  Then, I moved to US time on Saturday (gotta switch over sometime) and as Olivia and I worked a puzzle and Easton napped, I saw that it was the same time close to the time that we landed in Detroit.  I was very happy to be working a puzzle rather than being puked on!  We continued with our day and I just thought about how wonderful our homecoming was.  It was crazy how I kept looking at the clock at those moments!
We have come a long way in a week!  I can see some pro's, but also know we have still a long way to go.  This stuff is hard!  It must be like pregnancy in that you forget how painful it is, so you do have another. 
We stayed home Friday and stayed low key.  Nana came over and played with Olivia.  She is definitely needing attention so I am so happy that our parents are helping with that!  Olivia took her upstairs immediately and asked her to play.  I heard them playing 3 little pigs. 
My friend Danyell came over and cooked for us Friday night!  It was yummy!  How did I not get a picture of Levi (her little guy) and Easton playing?!?  They did really well together!

By 4:30 Saturday I was feeling a bit stir crazy!  I needed to pick up one of the people I tag for consignment, so we all got in the car.  He seems to really like car rides.  Olivia said, "Mommy, look!  I am holding his hand!"  I turned around to see this...SUPER cuteness!!!!
This was a much needed trip out.  I think it was needed for all of us, not just me!  Since we were out and in need of baby gates and a few other babies r us items, I suggested we go on to Babies R Us because it is never crowded.  We didn't stay long and I didn't put him down.  He looked around and seemed to do ok.  I am to the point now that I want him to see that we come back to the same house, toys, and his other things, but he isn't ready to go go go!  He is definitely "mommy shopping."  For those who don't know what that is it is when a child just sees any friendly face and will go with them.  Why not?!?  Though we know he is forever with us, he doesn't know this yet.  For all he knows, the kind lady in the checkout lane might be the next person to take him.  That has to be scary for him!  He is also a people person, which I like, but want him to know that we are mommy and daddy before letting him get to personal with others. 

 Sunday was another day at home.  My sister, 2 nieces and mom came over for the afternoon. 
Olivia and Annelyn made masterpieces...

...while Adeline and Easton got to know each other.  They made an instant friendship over a bag of Cheetos.  The key to their! 
Hey Adeline, what's in there??


 A little thank you!
 The big girls went upstairs so these two went to check out what they had painted!

Olivia is realizing that she can be really helpful as a big sister.  We were talking about bedtime for Easton, and without being asked, she went into the cabinet and got all the pieces needed for his bottle!!!
 I went upstairs to get his pj's on and realized I forgot his medicine.  Before I knew it, she was coming up with the bottle and his medicine.  I sure do love this girl!!!  We are seeing good moments like this and it really makes me happy and proud of her!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Staying close to home

I initially thought since he is the second child that we would hit the ground running, but as his grieving has been coming out, it is clear to me that being close to the house is what is in order for him.  We have a lot of crying, screaming and kicking around here.  No, it isn't me either!  He is sad and mad.  His pre flight plan stated for us to give him whatever he wants as quickly as he asks.  That will keep him from getting upset.  Um, well, duh!  Who would get upset if they got everything the minute they asked for it?!?  Well, that isn't how we run our house.  He has his comfort items and is loved and cared for when grieving, but I don't give him what he wants the second he demands it.  He has learned already that when he is going to have a screaming/kicking fit to lay back easily on the ground and then start his fit so he doesn't bang his head.  Um.....that's just him being plain mad that I didn't meet his wishes when he initially asked.  He just had a huge 30 screaming fit at the top of his lungs because I wouldn't let him throw the puzzle pieces at me.  He finally realized that I wasn't going to give into his fit and stopped and started babbling. 

It isn't all bad, but I want to be sure that I stay real because I clearly have blocked this time with Olivia.  I remember the long days and grieving, but not just plain anger.  Every adoption is different, but I tend to question the people who say everything is just great all the time.  It can't be great!  He has lost everything.  E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.  His clothes, shoes, food, smells, omma, appa, home, and everything that has ever been familiar to him.  It is heart breaking to watch and there is really not much I can do for him. 
I feel like people that don't get adoption think that we are bringing home these 2 1/2 year olds (some older and some younger) and they simply fall into place.  Um, no.  We don't have weeks of a baby sleeping most of the day.  He is simply a mobile infant at this point.  He doesn't understand, listen, or care what we are saying.  He is mad, alone and sad.  He wants it his way instantly.  My maternity leave is basically a time where he is getting to know us and getting adapted with himself here in his new surroundings.  I think some people think the plane lands, we get over jet lag and I hang out at home eating bon bons while he happily plays.  ;)  Nope, the sad truth is that he will be really getting adapted better right when it is time for me to return to work. 

He is having some happy moments.  Today has been  better until about 5:00 p.m.  We have seen more smiles.  He can say "more" in sign language and is starting to recognize us when asked to point to a person.  He can point to his nose most of the time when asked to find it.  He has started eating.  He has eaten chicken, spaghetti, banana bread, yogurt, raisins, peanut butter crackers and goldfish.

  Happiest in the mornings!  (Thursday)  Oscar loves food time with this kid!  Easton thinks it hilarious to feed him. 

Their first time to play together!! (Tuesday)
 He loves to read books!  (Wednesday night before bed)

 John's dad came over to meet him Thursday.  He was unable to get to the airport.  They had fun playing 'cups.'

He really wants Olivia to play with him.  If he comes near her she goes the other way.  It breaks my heart for her to hurt.  She has done some surprising things the last few days and I know it is out of jealousy or anger.  I will be really glad when this phase passes for her.  I thought we were getting better, but she has been really off tonight.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring smiles and fun times here at our house.  This part is definitely exhausting.   

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Easton's Adoption!

Thank you Kyle Gregory for this amazing video!!!  I am so happy you captured these moments!

Monday, January 20, 2014

2 days home!

Yesterday we slept in and I spent the bulk of the day getting laundry done and unpacking.  It is now all done and put away!  Yay me!! :)  We played in the floor some, but Olivia seemed to have a rough day having Easton on her territory.  At one point, I found her coloring book and crayons in our room like this
 This guy spent the yesterday following me and whining when he couldn't see me.  He isn't eating anything.  I couldn't even get him to eat a chocolate chip cookie! 

 Later in the day I found big sister with her new earrings and necklace on.    John says she isn't allowed to grow up!  I kinda agree!!! Here she is glued to Doc McStuffins on tv. She was quite sickly yesterday as she spent the bulk of the hour after waking up puking up snot.  That's kinda normal around here for her, but when it gets to the amount it was yesterday I have to act fast or she will get super sick.  Her eyes tell me she is not herself in this picture.   
 We started the day early today.  Olivia ate a pretty good breakfast, but was still gagging and yucky feeling but warmed up as the day went on.  Easton still doesn't want to eat.  We built a train and then Olivia wanted Easton to take a bath with her.  He hated his bath in Korea, but we took it super slow today.  He has been tugging at his ears, but we got some laughs during his bath.  After he cried a while I noticed he had green snot.  Put tugging of ear and green snot together, and I was worried that he might have an ear infection.  Off to the doctor. 

I love my doctor!  He wasn't in our local office today so I drove an hour just for him to treat Easton since it was his first doctors appointment!  Easton was all smiles while we waited.  I asked them to take us back when I called because I know his immunity isn't like ours yet and I didn't want to expose him to other sick kids.  So, we hung out in a room together for a bit. 
 After cleaning out his poor ears it was clear that he had an ear infection.  Poor guy!  Day 2 home and on antibiotics.  Glad I went ahead and took him.  While I was there I got the first portion of his flu shot.  Clearly at this point, he was very mad and upset.  The dark next to his little face is a wet spot from him crying.  This is after his shot. 

We got home and it was so pretty out today!  I wanted to get them out for a few minutes to enjoy the sunshine.  Oscar was pretty excited about this.  We got to see a few neighbors out and about.  That is one great thing about our new neighborhood! 

Olivia played on her new "skateses" (everything has an es on the end of it these days....toyses, feetses, lighteses, balloonses, etc.)  She then grabbed her new bike that she got for Christmas.  She did really well on it and seemed pleased with herself.  We did some big cheering for this kiddo!  At this point in the day she is feeling better, but can't run or be out long.  Her cough and congestion get the best of her if she does these things.  Poor girl.  I hate she has to deal with this! 

Easton found a big ball in the garage that he threw around a bit. 

But, it was time to go in because this started again.  The sun was going in and it was getting chilly.  He cried like this until about 7:30.  Poor boy! 
A perk to being a big sister means that she can stay up a few minutes later than little brother!  She wanted to paint my nails. 
In between painting my nails she took a break and painted her toes!  She had me holding all of the colors and brushes while she made her toes pretty! 
It is 11:00 p.m. and both kids are asleep in their own beds!  This won't last much longer.  I have that jumpy feeling you get when you play hide and seek.  You know, hurry before they catch you, except I am not hiding.  I am hoping they will just sleep longer and every minute that passes I expect to hear a cry. 

Lots of adventures on our way home!

We had time to spare before heading to the airport, so we let the kids play in the play area one last time.  A few flips and playing with the mats and it was time to go!


Easton is already in love with my dad.  I think this may be my favorite picture ever of dad!  He looks so happy.  I think he may like Easton a little bit, too!!  We are waiting for our bus to the airport.

Olivia remembered the playroom from last month, so we quickly found one for today.  We had an hour and a half to wait and they needed to burn off some energy. 

 More airport playtime!

Not ready to leave Korea, but here we go!!!  However, ready to get home!
Right before boarding, Easton fell into a chair busting his bottom lip with his teeth.  I was so worried he was going to pass out.  I couldn't get him to breathe even when I blew in his face.  He got red, then blue and began turning a pale white before he finally took a breath.  Whew!  We boarded the plane and off we went.  Olivia's lunch was put down on her tray only to spill all over the seat because the tray broke.  It was bi bim bap which is somewhat messy! About an hour and a half in Easton started to cry.  He cried off and on the rest of the way with no more than a 20 minute break between.  LONG trip home!   I gave him a bottle to keep him quiet, and as the landing gear went down his eyes got really big.  I thought he was just scared and then it happened.....he puked everywhere!  On the lady's coat across the aisle, my pants, the chair, the floor, all over himself and my face....EVERYWHERE!  The taxi part always seems forever, but not this time.  I think we were at our gate in .2 seconds.  I couldn't get it cleaned up fast enough and Easton was screaming.  I got it and the plane began to unload.  We started to stand up when Olivia puked all over the seat with some sympathy puke.  We stunk so badly that even the drug dog in the airport stopped and smelled us.  The officer said he really liked us!  Yep, because we were funky!  We got in the airport and Easton and I both needed a bath!  When we went in the immigration office there were at least 25 people ahead of us.  Easton started to cry.  John wanted to give him something and I said, "No, let him cry...maybe he will get loud and they will bump us up!"  Sure enough, a nice man made eye contact with us and I tried to look pitiful.  He asked for our name and processed us quickly!  I got the suitcase I needed for some new leggings for me and new jeans for Easton.  Got soap from mom's bag and got us both clean enough to get home and not completely stink out our friends and family that would be at the airport.  I got Olivia changed and mom came in the bathroom to tell me that one of our bags didn't make it.  By the time we got down from immigration, our bags had been thrown off the conveyer belt and were all laying on the floor.  So you had a very large international flights bags' everywhere and then more bags from another flight coming in.  What a mess!!!  Dad and John had looked, but said this particular bag was missing.  This bag had all of our souvenirs and stuff that we received from Easton's foster mom in it.  I went to take one more look and luckily found it face down as I rounded the conveyer belt.  Now we were ready to get to Nashville.  We got up to the gate to check our bags and there was four lanes and only one guy checking tickets.  Dad said we would never make it!  Lucky for us that the line moved pretty quickly.  Immigration and customs done, puke cleaned, bags checked!  We were ready to head home.  We headed down the escalator  when Olivia said, "uh-oh!"  I looked and John was pulling her pants leg.  It was stuck in the side.  I thought her whole foot was stuck in the side and said, "Oh my gosh!" in a very loud panicky voice."  I was on the other escalator and all I could see was my sweet girls leg and foot cought in an escalator and it was quickly moving to the bottom.  John gave it one more tug and out the pants leg came.  Luckily her foot wasn't even involved like I thought from what I could see.  Another crisis avoided!  I seriously didn't know how that was going to end up.  John said he was going to take her pants off had they not come out with that last yank.  Glad he was on that side because I wouldn't have thought of that!!  We got on our flight and headed home to an amazing group of friends and family!  These are the only two pictures that I have of last night, but I will have more soon.  I will post then!  It was so good to see everyone that came.  It meant so much for you to come that late on your personal time!  Thank you isn't enough! 

A quick picture before boarding in Dallas. 
Ready to board the plane in Dallas along with some friends we met along the way.  Our kiddos got their visas on the same day!  Come to find out, we live close to each other.  Looking forward to fun times with them!!
WE ARE HOME!!! (more airport pics coming soon!)
We had a great crowd at the airport.  Poor Easton was beside himself.  It had been a very rough day and there was a ton of people and pictures. 
Cute banner in our yard along with balloons and a wreath to greet us when we pulled in! 
I ran inside and grabbed this little guy to come out and meet Easton.  I was SUPER happy to see him!

Super cute wreath on our front door!
 Love how our mantle was decorated for us when we got home!!!  Thanks Leslie and Traci! I also had a stocked pantry and refrigerator thanks to Amanda!!!

Easton is checking things out upstairs and very unsure. 

We had told Olivia that she had a big sister present waiting for her at home.  She went upstairs to find a gymnastics mat!!

 Easton is exhausted, but this is the first time for him to be in his room!!!
A picture of us this morning.  We all landed in our bed last night.  Even Oscar is snuggled up at the foot of the bed.  He usually is at the top with me. 
Off to bed!!! Easton is upstairs in his own room currently.  We will see how that goes!