Monday, October 28, 2013


We always carve pumpkins at mom and dad's the Saturday before Halloween.  This year, like many others, we got started a little late.  I know, shock!  The girls had a great time nonetheless. 
Olivia and Annelyn loved how the inside of the pumpkin felt to their hands.  Somehow, seeds began to fly across the room?!?! 
 She's walking and all smiles!

These two sure do love each other. 
 Oscar loves Pumpkin carving!

Adeline was laid back watching. 
The girl's get in close to see what Buppy is doing with the pumpkin's. 
....and then they are off again to play. 

 I tried to snag a picture with Olivia, but she had the sillies.  Everything was hilarious to her!


 While dad continued to carve, we snagged a decent picture of all the girls....and Harley. 
Cinderella and Minnie had already gone home.  Thanks Buppy!  You always do an amazing job!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hide and seek!

John and Olivia played a round of hide and seek the other evening.  Olivia said from her hiding spot, "daddy, you can't see me!"  Nope, we would never guess that polka dot blob on the couch was her.  She bragged about her hiding spot to me as we ate dinner later.  Oh how I love her!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

3rd Annual Korean Playdate

This year we went to Jackson's Orchard.  Olivia is still talking about it!!  We had a blast.  Not as many of the families got to come this year, but we had fun nonetheless. 

We started out watching the apples on the conveyer belt.  They hand picked out the bad apples for cider and the rest went on down the belt.  They really enjoyed watching!
One of my favorites from the day!  Pure JOY!

  Just a tractor playing kind of day.  Owen, Olivia, Levi and Bates loved playing on this.
Analee would scream with joy sliding down. 
Sarah and Owen!
 Everyone was going on their own.  John had been down with Olivia 5 or 6 times at this point.  He started to send her down and when she realized he wasn't with her she put on the breaks.  She stopped here, put her legs out and climbed back up for him to join her. 
I am not sure who is smiling bigger....Olivia or her daddy?!?!? 
Pretty proud of herself. 
A little duck racing.

Loving the hayride!
These two hit it off for a while!  A year ago, this would not have happened for Olivia.  She was so happy playing with Analee. 
I think they thought they were little hens in the corn maze.  They would stop, crouch and pick up pieces of corn.  Here they are showing off their loot. 
Oh the many faces of Olivia!
Apparently Bates thought she needed more pumpkins on either side.  He began working carrying pumpkins and lining them up.  Love! 
Brodie joined in adding pumpkins.
C'mon boys stand with Olivia!  All that hard hold hands and smile!  That is a lot of cuteness there people!!
A pretty amazing group of mamas! 
It was time for some to hit the road, and we wanted a quick picture of the kids.  Why do we do this last?  Ok, my kid was really the only one who didn’t cooperate at first.  I asked Olivia what was wrong and why she had been all smiles all day, but now was angry.  She broke into tears and said she didn’t everyone to leave. 

She loved that they ate out of her hand. 
She was asleep before we got down the driveway of the orchard. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New pictures and papers in court!!!

Thursday morning, we received a phone call from our social worker letting us know that our papers had gone in to court!!!!!!!  This is one of the last steps!  Theoretically, we will wait 2-3 weeks for this process and then be given a court date.  From that date we would, again, theoretically wait a month.  If all of this happens, our boy could be home for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Time will tell.  Unfortunately, this whole process is completely unpredictable.  They could decide to be done in November and not process anyone else through.  If that is the case, it would be Feb/March at best.  So, we are praying for a quick court approval and then court date.  We are also praying that we will have just the 14 days between court appearance and approval.  Some judges are taking 4-6 weeks depending on the situation.   Each day is a day closer!  We are coming little one!
Friday morning, we received three pictures of our little guy.  He is currently 23 lbs and 32 inches tall. 

 I love this picture.  He is concentrating on this book so hard.
I think he may be about to cry.  He looks like he is trying to get down and getting fussy???

Hot dogs, smores and friends

Last week one of our adoption family friends decided to make a last minute trip up.  Several of us mama's wanted to get together.  I couldn't go to dinner Thursday night, but we ended up having a weenie roast and great time Friday night. 
The kids had a blast!  Why didn't we think to take more pictures?!?!  Our friend Sarah has only been home 2 months with her newest son and we were all amazed at how well he is doing!!  He is absolutely precious!  Sarah's son, Levi overheard that I couldn't make this face,
 so he would walk up to me and laugh and say, "she can't do it!"  It was seriously adorable.  He was so happy.  Olivia and MaryLeigh got a big kick out of it, too.   I love these impromptu times and watching our kids grow and change together!  From fearful to jumping in and playing, it truly is amazing.   
This girl loves to make smores....well, the Olivia way.  Just chocolate and graham crackers.  She doesn't like to eat the marshmallows, just roast them. 

Oh how I love to watch these two play.  They both love to wash dishes....wash away kiddos!!!  They are great friends!  MaryLeigh and I may secretly be planning their wedding!  Those two would be a beautiful family! 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Zoo trip!

Today we went to the zoo.  We both could not believe how much Olivia has changed since we last went to the zoo.  She was less hesitant and seemed brave and more confident in herself.  We had a fun day! 
 The kangaroos were awesome!  I hadn't ever seen one, and you can let them come right up to you. 
She cut her eyes to see if I would let her get closer.  All the signs say to stay on the path, but this one got super close and she could hardly stand it.  John picked her up several times and put her back on the path.  We kept hoping it would come closer, but he laid down and just fell asleep. 


Bless her!  She followed the birds, tried to pet them, and held her arm out for them to sit on her.  After 4 cups of nectar, and the help of the zoo keeper, one finally sat on her.  She was one happy girl!
She was afraid if she smiled or moved too much that the bird would fly away.  This was the best she would give me.

Map check!
We finished out the day at the petting area.  She petted every single animal in there!