Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wibble wobble

Olivia had her first loose teeth.  7 teeth to be exact!  I knew her front tooth was coming out soon because she spent every waking moment wiggling it.  She got to where she could twist it around.  So, I did a little research to see how Korean children celebrate the "tooth fairy."  Here is what I found: 
"Putting a tooth under a pillow sounds soft and sweet, but it also sounds kind of boring. What about tossing those teeth around? In Korea, that’s just what they do. Historically, kids who lose teeth from their lower jaw will throw their teeth onto their roof, while upper jaw teeth go on the floor or even under it (the idea is the new tooth will be pulled towards the old tooth). That’s not all, though, because as the tooth-losing kiddo tosses their teeth, they sometimes yell out a wish that the missing tooth be replaced by the tooth of a mouse. What, is Raton Perez at it again? Nope, mice (and other rodents) just have teeth that continually grow, which sounds like a wise request when one goes missing."
Well, we aren't throwing our teeth around, and they are Korean-Americans, so I wanted to incorporate both things.  So, a tooth mouse it was.  I looked and looked and didn't see one I liked, so I got creative.  I ordered this Kevin Henkes mouse, Penny, and had the little bag made from a site on etsy.  She LOVED it!!!  Though Penny spends most nights with Olivia, the bag goes up to her door when she loses a tooth. 
She climbed up on the side of my bed at 1:24 a.m. to tell me she had lost her tooth.  She was excited, so I asked her where it was.  She accidentally swallowed it and she said it tickled going down and that is what woke her up.  We never have seen that tooth!  She wrote the tooth fairy a note in hopes of a treat!  The tooth fairy delivered!  She left her 10.00 since it was a front tooth, and a receipt.  The tooth fairy leaves glittery money!  Olivia loved it!!

 A week later and she lost another one!  I have a visit the tooth fairy will be broke if this keeps up!  She got 5.00 for this tooth, and the tooth fairy actually got the tooth!!!  I was fixing her hair for gymnastics and she said, "uh mommy, my tooth fell out!"  Of all the places, it fell out on a shaggy white rug in our bathroom.  After quite a bit of searching, we found it!!!  I can't believe my girl is losing teeth already!  She loves putting her tongue where her teeth are missing.  It looks like she will be losing her other front tooth soon. 



Sunday, January 18, 2015

Easton's baptism

We couldn't have asked for a better day!  Exactly one year to the date of our arrival to the states with Easton he was baptized.  So much has changed in this last year.  I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the day!
Our families came, the sun was shining and it was a warm January day.  Easton was hilarious.  It was quite clear that our pastor doesn't often baptize a toddler.  Typically it is an infant or an older child.  Easton was quite curious about his facial hair and his glasses. 
When we arrived, I handed him to our pastor to see if he would go to him.  He went without a fuss.  The service began and Easton suddenly realized that we were all there.  He couldn't quite figure it out, but he was a happy kiddo.  It was time for his baptism, and the preacher reached to take him from me.  Easton shook his head, "no."  He wasn't going.  Nope, once he has made up his mind, he isn't changing it.  So, I whispered to him, "go and I will give you a snack."  His arms flew out reaching for the preacher.  Our preacher informed the congregation that they clearly hadn't heard the whole conversation that had just happened.  He thought it was hilarious.  As the baptism went on, our church saw Easton's silly side.  He was so happy, which is much better than the alternative!  There is no middle ground with Easton.  He is either happy or melting. 



We finished the baptism and after church our family came over to enjoy some lunch.  It was so nice out the Easton and Ian went outside to play!  I don't know which one had a better time?!?!  Ian has been the only boy for so long that he welcomes another boy to hang out with!  :) 

The girls played upstairs and had a blast.  Everyone got along and enjoyed the day.  John went upstairs to check on everyone and they girls were doing "magic" tricks.  They had Annelyn in two totes and were pretending to cut her in half. 


Everyone headed home and Olivia and Easton were playing.  John and I commented on how great of a day it had been and how nice it was to sit down and the two kids actually play together!  Within a matter of seconds we were headed to the ER after that comment.  Easton was running and fell into the coffee table.  Not a corner or anything.....just the side.  He must have hit a soft spot on his skull, because there wasn't anything that seemed worse than normal.  He has had some hard falls!  He is quite clumsy!!  This time it produced blood filling a paper-towel, then a hand-towel, and when I went over look, he had blood streaming quickly down his neck.  We loaded up and headed to the ER.  The doctor thought that he was going to be able to use butterfly stitches until he cleaned it.  He ended up needing staples.  They asked us what we wanted to do.....numb it (stick him, upset him, and wait 30 min. for the numbing to take effect) or go "ninja style" and just do it quickly before he could know what happened.  Ninja style it was....we knew once he was upset that he would fight them, so it was better just to get it over with.  
 Within 5 minutes it was over and he was enjoying a cherry popcicle. 

Within an hour the two kiddos were back home playing and laughing.  Yep, the picture below is after 3 staples.  He is one tough little guy!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!!

We spent New Year's Eve day running between doctor appointments.  Three of us had dentist appointments and then Easton had an ear appointment to recheck from his tubes. 
After that, we went to Jeni's Icre cream.  Yummo!!!  It is expensive, but it was delicious!  We finished up and had two tired kiddos, so we headed home.  We had to swing by the store, but by the time we got there both kids were sound asleep.  Easton woke up when the car stopped, so he and John ran in to get a few things.  Once we were home we got our dinner ready.  We had chili and some crescent rolls. 
Olivia didn't feel her absolute best, so it was a good night to be home.  I worked on some things on the computer and we hung out in the bed watching tv.  Easton went up to bed by 8:30 and Olivia and I fell asleep by 9:00.  I don't know if John stayed up to ring in the new year, but 2015 came on in.  We all had our black eyed peas in hopes for a great new year!
 Yep, even Oscar had his black eyed peas!!!