Sunday, April 27, 2014

Annelyn's big girl room decor

Annelyn moved rooms and redecorated!  She did butterflies.  She got a pottery barn duvet and decided she wanted a really big canvas painted with the same butterflies.  It is still a work in progress, but it is getting there.  Olivia painted a canvas for a few minutes, but then took off to play with our neighbor.  They are the same age!  I love that!!  Easton was napping.  Thanks Oscar for your help!  You really held the canvas down. 


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Daddy's work

The last week of my of maternity leave we decided to make a visit to daddy's school.  We went in and had a quick bite with him and then the kids visited his class for a few minutes.  They seemed quite interested in math, and his students welcomed the visit to distract John for a few minutes.     
(Elsa hair today!)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

When Mommy's away

A few weeks ago, I had to go work at the consignment sale.  John sent me pictures throughout the night to keep me informed.  Easton stood at the top of the stairs yelling for "Olga" for about a half hour.  For some reason, he calls me Olga.  Really, Olga?!   He typically will stand and cry, scream or pass out whenever I leave.  I can be in the back of my closet putting on my shoes and the crying starts.  So, calling out for me on this particular day wasn't anything new for him. 
Daddy loaded them up in the wagon and they walked Oscar!  Olivia is big into Anna or Elsa braids these days.  This particular day she felt like Anna!
Since it was cold out, they needed milk and hot chocolate when they got back!  They tend to get along better when I am gone.  I hate that!
This picture was last Saturday while Olivia and I had gone out to a birthday party.  We needed some girl time!  Easton decided to read to Oscar.  This kid loves books!



Wednesday, April 23, 2014


The first Thursday of every month is Bunco.  I have been playing for several years and Olivia ALWAYS loves when it is our month.  This year, we needed a sub.  Enter Olivia!  SHE.HAD.A.BLAST!!!!  She actually won 2nd place---and didn't cheat to my knowledge.  This kid has come a long way.  Use to, she wouldn't even speak to this many people, let alone sit at a table and play with people she didn't know without one of us with her!  She had to take a break mid game to go put on her pj's, but she jumped right back in! 

I love this girl  SUPER BIG!!!!

She just asked this past week when Bunco will come back to our house!  I told her next March and she cheered.  Don't grow up too fast little one. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

Our Sunday morning started with an unsure Olivia, an excited Oscar and a clueless Easton.  This is his first real holiday with us and he doesn't know what all the fuss is about all of a sudden with finding eggs in the grass filled with candy, dying eggs, and now a basket of stuff?!?!  So, he was a bit overwhelmed at first.  The bunny might have gotten a tad bit carried away, but we have waited for two years to have this Easter!  Two years wondering what he was doing on the other side of the world while we celebrated that God is Alive!  I know he was loved, but we wanted him here to love on.  Oscar knew the drill and since no one else was diving in, he helped himself!


So are you gonna do this or do I need to, Easton? 
 Well, sister didn't seem interested, so I am in!!
Slow to warm up....she watched Easton go through his entire basket, played with the tag on the dress up trunk, and then got into it shortly after. 
 Now she is ready!!!  Just takes a bit to warm up, even at home sometimes. 
 This kid has asked for Elsa at least three times a week since we got home from Korea.  She isn't to be found in stores!  Yay Easter Bunny!!!
Already dressed up like Elsa.  She was so excited! 

Bunny cinnamon rolls!  I did these last year and we decided it would be an Easter morning tradition to have these. 

 Love sweet Oscar's tongue licking his lips here!  Yes, he got some.  No worries!
Well, half of us looked ok in this picture, so I cropped the other half. 
First we tried standing on the front steps..... 

Then we tried standing on the porch. 
Not a great picture, but to get this happy smile at nap time I threw him in the air.  He loves that and this is the smile we get.  I look like I was running to get in the picture! 

Mammy and Buppy....we couldn't do life without these two!
We tried sitting.....we give! 
 At Nana's they got to have an egg hunt.  Olivia got a TON of candy.  Easton on the other hand enjoyed people carrying his basket and eating the candy!

  He looks like he is thinking, "why are you picking up these eggs?  You know they will just give them to you!"
Nope, nothing in there!
 People will just hand me candy cause I am cute!  I don't need a bag!

This stuff is great!

Hmmm.....are you swapping, stealing or just looking?
 Really Olivia, you couldn't hold out on that piece of candy for two seconds for me to get a decent picture?!
 It was time to load up from Nana's house and head to Mammy and Buppy's.  There was no, "Hi, how are you?"  It was, "Good, they are here!  Let's dye eggs!"  .....and we got busy!
 He seemed to enjoy dying the eggs the most of all the festivities. 

 Just waiting for the perfect colored egg.  She is looking a bit tired in this picture, but I am willing to bet she perks back up!
 This kid worked hard and had a gorgeous green egg.  Patience kid....patience. 
 Sweet are you7?!?  I love this kid!  It seems like last year she had her little pig tails and smock on to dye eggs. 
 This handsome fellow stayed at the table but away from the commotion on top of the food, no interest!
Egg hunt time!!! 
 Again, swapping, stealing or just looking?!  Hmmm......

And they are off to find more eggs!!!  I love when this kid is this happy!  It makes me happy!
Just ho humming her way through her own personal hunt.  Easton wanted no part of this hunt.  There was a "little kid" section blocked off for these two. 
 Really Moose?!  In the tulips?!!  She was so proud that she didn't mess up the flower.  Opened the egg....empty!  Moose ate the gum that was in it. 
 No bag, no eggs, but more candy!!!
 He is outta here!! 
Buppy to the rescue!  Easton kept heading toward the mailbox and Buppy kept retrieving him. 
 Such hard work.  Holding candy, balancing her basket and keeping her tongue juuusssttt right!
 Yay Easton!!!  Twenty minutes in, four people surrounding you and you put one egg in your basket!  There were so many we all kept walking by and putting two or so in.  He was running up and down the driveway.   
 Over this stuff!
 D.O.N.E.  He threw down a fit and threw his basket. 
I love the concern that Adeline has.  She literally circled him as he sat there throwing eggs and hitting at everything. 
 Keep going buddy, you are ok!
 Now for a group picture before dinner!  Looks like Oscar is sneaking a peak to see what he can get!
 Checking out their eggs.  Oscar, do you want the blue or the pink?  Pink you say?!
 Hmmm....seems wide awake now!  Ready for Easter baskets at Mammy and Buppy's!!
 DRAMA!  Really kid, sit up and smile!
Olivia, put your arm around...quick!  Ahh, don't choke him!
 Basket time!  The girls all got matching pjs.  Olivia was thrilled!  Easton's are in the background....they were little anchors.  Yet again, he is wondering around. 

This girl loves Lego Friends!  She has already opened and built this one 100% by herself this afternoon. 
 This was a day I will never forget.  It was a first for all of us.  Two years waiting for one member to join us.  I felt full so many times during the day.  I loved watching Easton explore.  I loved watching all the kids and all the commotion.  This is what being blessed looks like people.  I couldn't ask for more.  What a gorgeous Easter Sunday.  There are days I want to freeze.  I want my family to stay just like it is right now.  Today was one of them.