Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Air under his feet!

These pictures don't need any explaination!  Though some are blurry, you can see that this boy can FINALLY jump!  Seriously, this has been a big deal.  Look at the JOY in his little face.  It has taken every bit of a year and a half for him to learn this, but he finally got it.  It takes all of his little concentration, but he loves it.  The first time he jumped we were at my parents and John was outside with Oscar.  My sister was in town and we were all hanging out in the den.  We counted and up he went.  John said he knew something big happened because he could hear us all cheering from outside!  

Easton, want to jump?

1, 2, 3, GO!


Sunday, August 9, 2015


Olivia had two of her friends come and spend the night.  This was something they had all been asking to do for quite sometime, but none of us moms had braved it yet.  Well, it was quite a success!  They played well, laughed alot and are great buddies!  Sweet Wyndham was ready to go home at 11:00pm, so John and Olivia drove her home.  Keeghan was out!  She never knew they had even left until the morning.  We told Wyndham not to worry that we would try again sometime soon.  

Pizza for a slumber party!

The tent became their "home" upstairs.  They had EVERYTHING in it!  I loved how they played so well!  They are styling hair for this picture.  Doesn't it make the perfect scene!  Red hair, black hair and blonde.  Love it!

Doctor time and then off to bed. 

They tried the tent for a while, but ultimately there was a nice pallet in our room on the floor for them.  Here is Doughnut Friday!  Olivia is so exhausted and still sad that Wyndham isn't there.  She hates anything to end and Keeghan had to leave shortly after breakfast.  So glad these 3 are friends.  I sure hope to see these friendships continue!