Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Harley and Ariel

These were the requests that the girls made to Buppy for pumpkin carving this year.  So, with his duck taped carving knife, he went at it.  But before we could watch the carving, we had to get the 'guts' out!

Did I get it all out?

Annelyn is showing off all the pumpkin guts!
One of the MANY attempts at a decent picture of us together!

Oscar was less than enthused!
Once they were cleaned out, it was time to draw the designs!
Olivia decided she would draw her own. 
 Annelyn decided she would draw something on the other side. 
Harley isn't very sure of what is going on. 
Olivia smile!  C'mon Olivia, do it right--smile.
Literally the next shot....."Olivia smile" and this is what she did.  
Adeline just woke up, and didn't feel her best,
but was interested nonetheless.  

This is the look I typically get whenever I talk to
her.....we are great buddies, can't you tell?! 
They love their pumpkins!!!  

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I am not above....

BRIBERY!  Nope, I am not.  Olivia informed her daddy last week that if she slept in her bed, "5 nights, all done" that she would get a purple ipad.  Um.....really?!?  I can't say the thought of running  sprinting to the store to buy one didn't cross my mind.  But really, a 3 year old with an ipad?!?  I don't even have an iphone, much less an ipad.  However, she continued to talk about it like it was a done deal and a fact that if she slept in her bed "5 nights--all done" that she could get one.  I finally think I know what she meant when she said ipad.  I think she wants the LeapPad 2.  I am hoping this is what she meant. chart up and a million times of telling her that she can't add a sticker UNTIL she stays in her bed all night, I think we finally got it!  She was a bit excited to say the least!!!  

Hopefully this will work.  We have tried E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.!!!  Side note....she does not live in her PJ's. Yesterday's post was also in pj's.  It is just that time of night around here.  Her hair is also wet, so excuse our mess. :)  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Monkeying Around

Olivia is a known climber.  She has climbed to the top of the closet where her hands are on the top rung several times, but never ALL THE WAY UP.  Tonight, I found her here

There are still two more shelves (steps) under the ones you see here.  

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Off on a trip

Last night, Olivia informed me that she was leaving.  I asked her if I could get her a bag and she said, "Um...yep!" and took off running for my blue bag that I always take when we travel.  She was loading up her car and heading for a hotel.  
A "reby reby big hotel!" (really really big hotel)  I told her I could just drive her and drop her off, but she said it was too far away and that she would take her car.  So, I sat back and watched.  After a bit I asked if she had everything she needed and she looked and said, "nope!"  
She headed for her room to get her ladybug stars that we have on every night.  She loaded her car and just needed me to get her bag to fit.  I told her the only place was on top and that seemed ok with her. 
 She never got it quite loaded the way she wanted it, so I convinced her to clean it up.
 We headed out and went to Chick Fil A and Lowes.  She did take her purse with her though (this is a first).  In it she had her car keys, cell phone and etch-a-sketch.  Priorities people, right!?!   I guess it isn't a hotel, but we had a fun girls night.  

Saturday, October 13, 2012

2nd Annual Korean Playdate

I have looked forward to this day for 364 days!  I loved it last year and then many of us saw each other again in March without kiddos at the Created for care retreat (which I am super pumped about again!!).  This year we met at Chaney Dairy Farm.  It was a windy, cloudy day, but you would not have known it based on the FUN and JOY that everyone had in seeing each other.

The 30 min. warm up look....not quite sure yet. 
Learning about milking a cow. 
We got to try milking a cow. 
Well, some of us milked the cow.  
Erin was determined to get a good shot of Miss Mabel.  Glad the cow stayed still!

We fed the baby calf. 

Our friends came from Ohio!  What a surprise to see Tracy and her sweet family!!

We also had some friends from Wisconsin join us.  It was great to catch up!

We enjoyed ice cream that is made right there on the farm!!  It was really yummy!!
Then it was playtime!!

Simon had a great time!   
Many trips were made up the stairs to go down the tunnel slide. 

And there she goes....backwards.

Olivia was looking down and wouldn't smile until John said, "Olivia, you want a piece of candy?"  And this is what we got immediately!!  Love it!

I love this series of pictures....too funny!

All of us mama's.  So lucky to get to know these ladies!  Another adoption blessing!!

Everyone acted like their kid.  HA!!

Fascinated by a caterpillar.  And then Charlie squished him....all boy!

discussing the caterpillar

Is it me or does Olivia look like she is about to knock poor Bates out.  He was being so sweet!

Bates giving sweet Mabel some love. 

a matched pair!!!  Ok girls, give each other love, its time to go....and this is what we got. 

BFF's, right MaryLeigh??!!  Mabel and Olivia refused to look up regardless of all the calling we were doing. 

Pumpkin picking time.  Really Olivia, c'mon!

Well, that's better!

Bates let's decorate it!