Sunday, August 18, 2013

Marry me!

As we left church today Olivia was asking if our friends husband was her dad. I explained that no, it was her husband like how her daddy is my husband.  We talked a few more minutes and she said she wanted to get married.  I told her yes, one day she will be a big girl and get to get married. Without a flinch she said, I know who I am gonna marry. I am gonna marry daddy. 
I told her she would get to wear a pretty white dress like mommy did. She said no, she was wearing pink. She continued and said she would wear a pretty pink dress with Harleys picture on it. (My parents dog). She asked what daddy would wear and I told her he would wear a tuxedo like he did for mommy's happy day. (She has deemed our anniversary as our happy day and has called it that ever since she first looked at our wedding pictures.) She said, um no, he can wear pink to with a picture of Harley.  She has stuck to that same story all day. I was telling John about it tonight and she described it just the same for him! 
I love the innocense of a child. Who knows, maybe she will wear a pink dress for her wedding one day! I love you no matter what sweet girl!!! You are the very best part of my day!