Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!

This year was Easton's first Christmas!  Last year we were between trips and waiting for final approval.  So glad that he is home with us and we got to celebrate together.  He was a bit overwhelmed the entire day.  Bless his heart.  Luckily for two sleepy parents, our kids slept til 9:30.  Easton isn't a kid that you can wake up.  If you do, his mood is set for the day and it is awful.  He woke up when he heard us stirring downstairs.  We let Olivia go ahead and look at her stocking....Easton entered shortly.  Oscar was thrilled to get a Sven in his stocking!!  

Now that they were all awake, we headed upstairs.  I got a picture of everything before I let them come in.  

Olivia can hardly wait to get in and see what she has!!  This is the first year that she wasn't scared to go in after Santa!  Normally we have to open the that she was excited!  Look at that face!!

 Oscar successfully found all of his presents and opened them without assistance.  I hid them under other presents all throughout, this boy is good!  

Easton loves his new workbench!

He also loves Olivia's Elsa doll.  I can no longer stand the song, "let it go."

Hopefully this gift that was for both of them from Santa will help our winter months not be quite so long at this house.  

We finished up at our house and got showers and headed to Mammy and Buppy's.  Santa had come to their house too for Annelyn and Adeline!  Annelyn was showing Olivia her new loot!


We have come so far in a year!

We love our Buppy!!!

  I think he wore himself out with all the excitement at home before coming over to Mammy and Buppy's.  

We love our Mammy, too!!!

Easton got tired of the present thing, so he ventured into the piano room.  He closed the doors and then couldn't open them.  We all got a good laugh and then opened the door.  

Adeline went in and they closed the doors again.  If you can't beat em' join em' right, Adeline?!?! 

Easton LOVES his new car!!!  (he also loves to wear his cowboy boots!  He walks around saying, "boots and pants and boots and pants" over and over.)

 My aunt and uncle sent this dress and jacket for Olivia.  She picked it up, left the room and came back with it on.  Ya think she likes it a bit?!?!  I know I am partial, but she is one beautiful kiddo!! 

 Annelyn and her family had to leave so while they were loading up, these 3 played on the ipad for a few minutes.   

We went home shortly after they left and napped.  Mom and dad came over with dinner later.  We were all tired!  I knew it had been a big day for Easton, but really realized it that night.  He only slept 2 hours and screamed the rest of the night.  It was just too much day for him.  He would scream, then listen, then call out for us.  He is a kid that normally sleeps through the night without a peep!  Bless his heart.  I hate that such a good day was so tough on him.
I spent today cleaning out.  We have so many toys that aren't played with and all the new stuff needs a place to be.  I currently have our guest bed full of stuff to sell!  I know I will find more! :)  
Merry Christmas!  What a great one it was!!    

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a good day!  I started my day at physical therapy from recent knee surgery (a week ago) and then we went to John's moms' house for lunch.  Olivia had a ton of Christmas spirit this year.  I think this is the first year that she got it.  She knows the reason for the season, but also was able to embrace the Santa side of Christmas.  For her other 3 Christmas' home she has been timid, scared to open presents and even scared of the stuffed Santa we have at our house.  She has had an absolute BLAST this year!  She woke up asking where Skippy her elf was each day and searched quickly for him.  She was so excited to do our Christmas Eve traditions.  It seems like our church changes their service time each year and I honestly had no clue what time they were offering it this year.  We missed it, but we spent time with family.  That is something I want to do with my family as I can still see Mrs. B. Snell telling the story of Baby Jesus.
The Sunday before Christmas Eve we had Christmas at John's dads' house.  I didn't get to go since we had already done some Christmas things at his mom's and my knee was very swollen at that point. I did get periodic pictures!

Olivia got to help get the sweet potatoes ready for lunch at Nana's with all of John's extended family. 

Off to Daddy-Bud's

John's step-mom, Connie, knitted a beautiful cardigan and hat for Olivia as well as a hat for Easton!

I can only think of one thing when I see this Granddad!  He sure would have loved all these great grandkids!

We had a big meal at Nana's house and then opened presents.  I somehow snuck in a quick nap after presents.

 Oscar is seriously distraught here.  Nana always gives him gifts, and he always finds them.  Somehow, they got lost in the shuffle of everything.  She looked for over an hour and couldn't find them.  I felt bad for my little fellow! 

We then headed to mom and dad's house.  My sister was suppose to be there by now, but due to the yucky stomach bug that I had the week before hit both nieces.  For Christmas Eve it had hit Adeline. She felt so bad.  She even had to be separated during cookie making.  But, we celebrated nonetheless.

He started out really well, then emptied three bottles of sugar on one cookie....and ate most of it unbaked.  Second child....need I say more?! 
(See above....just starting, and below....half eaten and covered in sugar!  Same cookie.)

Separated to the other side of the kitchen, but she still got to participate. 

After dinner and cookie making we headed to the den to open our annual pjs.  We use to get a nutcracker, but all 3 of our houses are full of nutcrackers, so mom gave the kids a book.

 Finally we headed home to get ready for Santa.  First we had to tell Skippy goodbye.  That didn't go so well.  John and I had to clean up upstairs for Santa to come and didn't make it to bed until 3:30.  Good grief!!  No worries, our kids slept til 9:30, but were ready for presents Christmas morning!!!