Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter festivities...the day before

We spent today out and about, with the end goal of the day to dye eggs and to have a glow in the dark egg hunt.  I think those are great 'night before Easter' traditions to start and I hope to add some more.  She had a blast doing both! 

John and I talked about doing several of the cute (ok, I talked....) pinteresty Easter things, but I think she is too young to get it.  I could be totally wrong, but I am thinking kindergarten is more of the age I want to shoot for as far as details.  My sister took my niece, Annelyn, to a Passover dinner this year and she said she could tell how much Annelyn was taking in.  I know at 6 kids are really processing. 

She and I have talked each day about what Easter is and what Jesus did for us.  She will say, "tell me about it mama."  After about 30 seconds, she has, as we call it, squirrelled out!  (If you have seen the movie UP, then you get that.)  So, we have kept it simple.  I plan to add more each year, but for now, we are simple. 

patiently waiting for her next egg

Working hard at getting her eggs the perfect color!

She seems proud of this egg! 
...but then she gave it a good talking to.


Super excited that she has a cracked egg!

she couldn't peel it fast enough....


to eat it!!!

Oscar, who had sat patiently the whole time liked the cracked egg, too.


Monday, March 25, 2013


This year I returned to created 4 care with two great girls.  We headed out on Thursday afternoon and figured we would stop on the other side of Chattanooga, but before we knew it, we had talked our way to Atlanta!

We woke up Friday morning and headed to IKEA. 
After some fun shopping, we headed toward the conference.  I debated not taking the two days off that I asked for in January for this conference, but decided I needed to soak this weekend in and be around these mama's. 
What a great year to be with all of the Korean adoptive mama's!  This weekend came off the heels of the new requirements and before we had heard the good report of the change (again) in travel.  So, to say the least, it was really good to be surrounded by all these mama's who get it! 

Here are 6 of us holding our phones with pictures of our kids that we are waiting to bring home.  Before this picture, all the mama's above put us in the center of a circle and prayed for our hearts and our children.  This process is hard, but with so many unknowns, it is even harder.  I can be fine with waiting, but I am really needing an end goal in sight!
This year at the conference, I learned about loving our kids BIG.  I truly felt like instead of learning a ton of adoptive info as far as parenting Olivia, but that I learned to keep loving Easton BIG and praying for him to come home.  I feel like the strategies they talked about I already do.  I am not bragging by any means, because goodness knows this girl can always learn!  I think I use them because I have had so many different trainings with education stuff and being in the teaching world.  I have had my fair share of difficult kiddos in the classroom so I have used several of those calming techniques that they talked about at one of our nightly sessions.   
We watched the movie stuck and watching that and seeing these parents fight for three years to get their child home just confirmed that we are in this!  It also confirmed that we are so lucky that even though we are waiting, our children are in a clean, loving environment and not in a baby bed with no mattress or limited food. 
Overall I walked away from that weekend feeling blessed.  Blessed to get to meet up with a roomful of amazing mama's who I talk to throughout the year on facebook.  Meeting up with mama's who know what this wait is and get the unknowns of adoption was the best part of the weekend.  I can't wait for C4C next year!!   

God is Good

**This information is not new.  It came out on MPAK on Mar. 12, but I had not blogged it and feel that it is important for Easton's story. 

Apparently, the judges heard our pleas. 

Here is the new process update: 

The three agencies in Korea have heard from a judge in the Family Court, and the court has cancelled the appointments for several families that were to appear before the court in April, and decided to go ahead and approve their adoptions. 

This is how the process will work:

1. The court will review all the adoption documents of a family that wish to adopt a child from Korea.  Before that the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) would approve the family and issue an EP, and all the documents will be forwarded to the Family Court to get reviewed and a judge will conditionally approve the family.  In the past years the MOHW was the final approving authority.  Under the new adoption law the final approvals will come from the Family Court.

2. A social worker appointed by the Family Court will arrange an interview with baby's birthmother to make sure that she is sure of her decision to give up the baby.

3. Once it is determined that the birthmother does not wish to keep the baby, the 14-day clock starts ticking.  Like I mentioned, this is to give the birthmother the time to reconsider her decision.  In most cases, the birthmothers will not want their babies back.  So in a sense they are given two chances at their babies.  They will be given 7 days to change their minds right after the birth.  And they will be given one more chance just before the babies are adopted. In truth they have the power to take back their children anytime after the birth to the time of adoption.

4. After the 14-day reconsideration period is over, and the baby is still available, a judge issues the final adoption order, allowing the adoptive family to take their child home. 

5. The agency will contact the adoptive family to travel to Korea to pick up their child right after the 14-day period is over

Not a good day....

**  This is a post that I had drafted and just realized that I never posted.  The process changes daily, and it took me several days to process this one!

I am going to attach what the MPAK report stated for Easton's story because it is important for us to remember this part of his journey.  I will fight for him to come home and I will wait until I am told I can't.  We received some odds today that make the reality of him coming home truly terrifying.  I will not post them today as we have been asked not to by our agency.  It makes my stomach turn just to think about it. 

I made a couple of calls to Korea last night to find out what the status is regarding the adoption process for those waiting families that are adopting children from Korea.  I am sorry to say that the news is not good for now.  I am somewhat reluctant in sharing this, but you have to know what is going on and be prepared for it.

It has to do with the travel requirements, which will strain and burden many adoptive families, especially those with children in their care already.  The travel is necessary for the parents to go over to pick up their children and finalize adoption in Korea before the judges of the Family Court.  They (the agencies) are predicting that adoptive parents can expect to wait 3 – 4 weeks in Korea while adoption is being finalized.  Today I spoke with a friend of mine who was adopting from Puerto Rico, and he was told that he and his wife had to be in Puerto Rico for six weeks.  So this wait is not unique to Korea apparently.

The great bulk of this waiting is due to the reconsideration period requirement of 14 days.  During this time the parents are expected to be in Korea, at least that is the latest policy, but the agencies will be meeting with the judges and lawyers to discuss the impact that this regulation would have upon the visiting parents in terms of their time and expenses, not to mention the impacts upon the other children in the families.

Once the adoptive parents stand before a judge to interview through a process of questions and answers, and if the judge finds the parents acceptable based on all the paper works submitted and reviewed, then the judge declares adoption to go forward and the 14-day waiting period begins.  This waiting period is designed to give chance to birthmothers to take back their children should they change their minds.

Birthmothers will not be present during the time when the adoptive parents stand before the judge.  However, a separate inquiry will be made by the court beforehand to confirm birthmothers’ intention of giving up their children.  Even if a birthmother confirms her intention to give up the baby, the judge will issue the 14-day waiting period when the prospective adoptive parents stand before a judge.  After the 14-day reconsideration period is over, then the judge finalizes adoption and grants the parents to take the child home. 

It is entirely possible that during the 14-day waiting period some birthmothers may decide to take back their babies (just got an email today from a woman where this has just recently happened to her).  Some may last longer than 14 days, but some will give up before the 14-day period is over.  In this case the patience of the waiting parents may be rewarded. 

1 year and still waiting....

I could have sworn that we got our referral on the 26th of last year, but according to my ticker on my page, we got it two days ago last year.  Well son, you will learn, your mama is always late!  I cannot believe that we have officially been waiting a year for Easton to come home!  Things in Korea aren't looking overly promising for him to come home anytime soon.  I would love to write this post and us be preparing to travel, but that isn't the case.  Each day that passes puts us one closer to bringing home our son.  We pray that we see him before he turns 2 in September, but I am trying to prepare my heart for that not happening.   

Upon accepting Easton's referral, we were told 14 mos.  I said at that time that I would prepare myself for 18 in hopes for the 14 to be true.  Well, I am so glad that I prepared/am preparing for the long haul.  This mama will wait as long as needed, but it is not easy! 

Please be praying for positive movement in Korea.  They are at a stand still and it is a mess!


Sunday, March 24, 2013


Yesterday was our first day of spring break and I headed over to my friends house to paint a mural for her boys.  We had fun catching up and I always love to see her and her sweet family.  Olivia and John went with me because I cannot draw a straight line to save my life.  I drew the mural and then John went back to square up all of my lines.  So, while we were busy working Olivia made herself at home with the Morrisons!  I am so glad to see the she warms up faster now.  I listened to everyone downstairs and just smiled.  They were having such a great time!  I hope my house can be filled with three or four kids one day.  What a blessing!! 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

18 months

On Thursday of this past week, our sweet son turned 18 months old.  Its hard to believe we first saw him at barely the age of 6 months old.  I am so ready to get our little one (not so little) in my arms.  We have had so many ups and downs lately with the process as far as the new laws in Korea changing and what that looks like for each family.  A couple weeks ago we received some news that was heartbreaking (which I will blog soon to keep for Easton's adoption story).  I wasn't sure when I would see his little face or even if we would get to see it.  I am praying so hard to meet him soon.  Things seem to have calmed down a bit, but with this being a new law, I am not sure how it will go.  There haven't been any families to travel this year, but we are hopeful for a group of families to go in April.  Sadly, that is not us. 
Easton, I know from the update we received that you are getting so big and strong.  I must tell do look a bit like an old man with your hair.  We can work on that, right?!   You say 4 or 5 words clearly, you have a mouthful of teeth, and you still don't walk.  We know you like to be in charge, which is a problem because your sister and I both like to be in charge. You seem to be very attached to your foster family, and it already makes my heart sad for the day when we say goodbye to them.  Your heart will be so sad as will theirs.
We can't wait for you to be home for us to learn your personality and have you here, present in this family.  I don't know what the future holds as far as the new laws, but we are coming sweet boy.  I don't know when, but we are coming.  We love you all the way on the other side of this huge world.  Your name is a daily topic in our family, and you are a member of this family.  We just need you HERE with US!  We love you Easton Myers.  I wish we could say that we will be to Korea in X days, but that isn't the case yet.  We don't know.  We are literally waiting daily for any and all news.  Happy 18 months kiddo.  It's another month down, so another month closer to you!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

So very true

I found this card, and it seemed so fitting.
No matter what the delays are in this process, we will push on. Easton is our son and we will continue to pray for answers to all the changes. That is another blog...nothing is final yet so I havent blogged it as far as what the new laws consist of...just a lot of stressful talk right now.
Baby boy, we are coming....we don't know when, but we ARE coming. We love you.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Annelyn

A couple weeks ago we celebrated Annelyn's 6th birthday.  We went to a local pottery place and the kids got a choice of several options as far as painting.  Olivia decided to paint an elephant.  She wanted it to be Lumpy.  (The one from the Winnie the Pooh movie)  She worked hard as did my cousins' kids and Annelyn.  Annelyn got upset for a few seconds because one of her friends was copying her.  Drama, drama already! 

 They started the party with decorating their bags
that their pottery would go in while guests arrived.

They picked their pottery piece and got busy painting!  Everyone worked really hard.






Time to sing Happy Birthday.  Annelyn got a bit embarrassed. 
Let's EAT!
Annelyn got a ton of great gifts!!
I turned around while she was opening her presents, and found Uncle Pops painting...Pirate style!  We got bubby to join in for a quick picture.  These two are a matched pair! 
 This little one had a BLAST!!!  She warmed up right about the time to leave, but seemed to have fun painting, nonetheless.  

Annelyn Grace, I cannot believe you are 6 years old.  You are so much fun!  You are full of life, creative, silly, and my blonde hair blue eyed girl.  I love you so much sweet girl.  I feel very blessed to be your YaYa!