Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sick, sick, and more sick

February is typically a long month for us. However, this February was spent with us at the doctors office way too many times. We were in at least every other week if not every week. I chalked it up to it is both Olivia and Easton's first time in a public school setting and they have gotten their fair share of germs. They even shared with mammy! It started with an adeno virus for Easton that went for an 8 day go of fever that typically came on around 3 pm and would get up to 103 each night. His little face was swollen and his eyes would get so much congestion in them that they were sticky looking.

He was miserable! We went back in and and he had pneumonia 2 weeks later.

Olivia during this time had gotten the adeno virus and we were trying hard for her to not get pneumonia. She competed twice in February and must have felt terrible. By mid February she was begging me to take her to the doctor. Her temp was only 102 but she was miserable with a headache.

Six year olds don't complain of headaches and she couldn't stay awake. The picture above was about 5 minutes after she got to my room. It came on super fast because she was fine at recess! So, back to the doctor. She had strep. She felt terrible and our help was sick (mom had now gotten pneumonia) and Nana had recently been sick.
The week after Olivia had strep, Easton had double ear infections and bronchitis.
We alternated taking days off to be home with them because we couldn't get the fevers to go away. We still have to celebrate Olivia's family day since we didn't get to. Poor baby missed several birthday parties and events, but she was a trooper!

This picture reminds me of Buddy on ELF when he tells the little girl at the doctors office that his heart is beating in his finger. 

Both sickly snuggled under my arms. I sent this picture to John at about 5 on this day because I.was.done. Luckily they both turned the corner a few days later. We are looking forward to warm weather and spring!