Friday, July 13, 2012

Somewhere out there

I am sitting in our bonus room tagging items for the upcoming consignment sale. John and I have worked on this all day! We have moved a lot of stuff through the house already, but have a long way to go. As I am sitting here, the radio is on. Do you remember the movie Feival? (Not sure if that is how you spell it.) Do you remember those little eyes looking out the window with it raining and hearing "Somewhere out there?" I can't help but think of Easton. We are under one great big sky. All we can hope and pray is that somewhere out there is where dreams come true, right? We are anxiously awaiting our travel call (which we don't expect ANY time soon), but we know that is our next step. Our paperwork is in order and waiting. I know he doesn't know he has a mama, daddy, sister and wonderful puppy along with amazing grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles here waiting for him. Easton, we pray for your health daily. Easton, your sister is now calling you "baby Easton" the best she can. We talk about you often and pray for you daily. We can't wait for you to be home! We love you. Happy 10 months tomorrow baby boy.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

FIrst Sleepover

Since about April, Olivia has asked to stay at Mammy and Buppies house. At first, I wasn't quite ready for her to go, but then we wanted to let her but hadn't had the chance. So, tonight we let Olivia go to Mammy and Buppies for her FIRST SLEEPOVER! I am quite anxious to hear how it goes! I told her that she was going to get to stay tonignt, and she took off running across the house saying, "me jom jom's!" If you notice in the pictures she is literally dragging her bag down the hall telling daddy to come on! I said, "Olivia, you need your shoes!" She just picked them up to carry them with her. No time to put them on!! Good luck mammy and buppie! Hope you guys have a great time!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Encores Consignment Murfreesboro

If you live near Murfreesboro, then this sale is a must! This is a great kids, adult and home consignment sale. Also, you can help us out in the process! For $10.00 you can shop at 7 pm on Aug. 7th. This is before the sale even opens to the public!! So....get out there on the 7th and see what kind of great stuff you can buy. I honestly am not just advertising this sale to only help myself. I have shopped and worked with Encores for several years--as in I did this before Olivia was home. I actually started doing it to get to shop early for my niece, Annelyn. I can always find great stuff for a ton less than I would at a boutique store. They grow so fast that I can't justify $70 for one outfit. Now, before adoption, yes....I did do that, but my world has definitely changed. Every penny that goes out of my hands I think, "that would cover ___ for an adoption." It's true. It is amazing how my eyes and heart have forever been changed by adoption. I love this sale because of Natalie Dohanos! She is the sale owner and she truly loves what she does. For her, this isn't just a one week thing. She works on this year round. She knows the people that shop and takes an interest in them making the experience of Encores even better!! So, come check it out! Here is a link to the website!!! See you there!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Big Girl Bed

When we bought Olivia's furniture, we went ahead and purchased her "forever" bed. She has been in a toddler bed from Pottery Barn until now. I am a furniture snob and only want solid wood pieces in my house. Not pieces of plywood--I want the SOLID stuff and that is hard to find anymore. We went to a local store since Cresent is no longer in business and they had one distributor that made solid wood furniture. It was out of Indiana. So, with very slim pickings, we chose what we liked from them and have enjoyed it so far.

Olivia has slept a total of 6 nights (as in sleeping through the night and not waking) since coming home in Feb. 2011. Most nights consist of her sleeping in her bed for 2 hours and then coming to us. If I take her back (which I battled for many months), she immediately wakes up when I move away from her. She could be 100% knocked out and wake up when my feet hit the floor to walk away. In many ways, I feel like this is our biggest challenge at this point.
I thought that if we set up her "big girl bed" and move her out of the toddler bed that she would sleep. She would have more room to roll and I thought that maybe that was the issue. Nope, now she has a big girl bed, little room to play, and night terrors! Oh my! I am at a loss here. I guess the plus side is that I don't have to sleep in a toddler bed anymore. :) Also, we needed that bed for when Easton comes home, and I wanted to go ahead and make the change so she doesn't think he took over her bed.

We will keep at it. I have learned that she is doing things that I said she would NEVER do, such as sleep in our bed, but hey, surely she won't go to college still sleeping in our bed?!? To be honest, some nights I love that she is sleeping with us. SOME being the key word. I like her little snuggles and sweet face being right there. Then its the other 80% of the time that I really wish she would be in her room. How many kicks and punches in the head and ribs can one take, right?! I have noticed that she is unable to sleep soundly unless she is touching one of us. I have to remind myself that she has still spent more time in Korea than she has here. She co-slept there with her FM, and that is what comforts her. I don't know how to break it. ANY suggestions from my AP friends would be absolutely wonderful. :)

Happy Sleeping!

Oh, ignore the fact that she doesn't have any bedding on there. Its not done yet. We also hadn't purchased the rails for the side of the bed and I was worried about her rolling off. So, that is her toddler bed on the floor along with lots of pillows around the bed. What a mess!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Adeline Joy!

Today is another reminder that God is good all the time! He is in control. After 9 long months of worry, fear and a lot of praying, Miss Adeline joined the world around 5 p.m. on July 5th. As many of you know, my sister did not have an easy pregnancy. Odds looked bad for Adeline much of the pregnancy. It was scary, but at the end of the day, we knew God would take care of Adeline. Praise the Lord that her little heart is beating, she has all ten fingers and all ten toes and appears very alert! She was bruised upon arrival, but Les just sent me a picture of her this morning and she looks a TON better! Our visit was short since it was so late when we got there, but mainly because Olivia had an accident. Her first accident in pubic. She apparently couldn't hold it another second to get to the bathroom. She wanted to touch Adeline, so John went to wash her hands. The water came on, and well, her "plumbing" let loose. Bless her heart! She went home barefoot and nothin on under her little dress. Oh well, that's just the way it is sometimes.

Her is the sweet little lady!

See how blue and bruised her little face was? The rest of her was as pink as a pig!

Olivia wasn't so impressed. She was more interested in her crackers.

Interested somewhat and wanting to hold her....right before washing her hands!

An almost family picture. Annelyn was at Grammy and Grampy's house. Maybe we can get one of the four of them today!

This morning!

Happy 4th of July!!

On the 3rd, a local park has bouncy houses, food, and fireworks. We met up with Brandon, Ashley and Everley and ate a yummy dinner at Demos' and then we went over to the park. Last year, Olivia was terrified of the bouncers. We didn't push it, and she enjoyed a small Dora bouncer as long as her daddy was close by. This year, she loved them all! Daddy still went down with her, but I think she would have done them on her own. She did every slide there except the water one....we said no. I know, we are party poopers!

She watched like this for a few seconds then they ran in circles around us, laughed, and had fun!

I don't know what was so funny, but how cute?!?!

Lots of smiles, laughs, and fun! I think we call that a great night! Happy 4th of July!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Off to the dentist!

Today we had another first. Olivia went to the dentist for her first visit. How did it go? She probably wasn't the worst kid they have ever had, but definitely didn't win any awards for being the best. She was fine brushing and playing with the big teeth
...and interested when they were cleaning my teeth, but the whole story changed once it was her turn.

Falling apart! The big scream is coming soon!!

She did allow them to get toothpaste on the top two and bottom two. Who needs all those other teeth anyway, right?! They are just for looks I am sure. So, maybe next time we can clean those. We will see! She is one stubborn kiddo. She had those jaws locked tight!

Looking a bit like Mr. Ed!

Picking out her new toothbrush! She chose Woody from toy story.

All smiles once she got away from the chair and in the waiting area. Oh my!

Woohoo! Several of our kiddos will be getting a new toothbrush. The request has been that for us to send them since they are staying in Korea so much longer. Toothbrushes are really expensive over there, so I asked for some while at the dentist today! Love my dentist and the staff there!!!