Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Swimming weather

As Olivia mentions everyday, it's summer!  We need to go swimming and eat cold things.  We have a neighborhood pool, so we did just that.  We went swimming!  She is a little fish and could live in the water! 

Easton on the other hand.....he thinks you go to the pool to eat snacks!  Everytime we get there, I start to unload and he goes straight for the food bag and settles in. 

Monday, June 16, 2014


I thought I would try big boy underwear with Easton.  VERY ambitious, but I wanted to give it a go.  After wetting his underwear 10 times and going zero times in the potty, I officially decided he just isn't ready.  The accidents all happened between sitting on the potty every 15 minutes when our timer went off.  It is a bit comical when I step back to think about it.  Though potty training was a huge fail for now; he is quite cute in his undies!

Such a boy.  Checking out what is IN the toilet.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, kid.  
 Olivia was in the bathtub because we had to go to Annelyn's recital this day. 
 Struttin' his stuff like a big kid.


Sitting on the potty is a big deal!  It started off ok.....

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Annelyn's recital

This year, Annelyn was in three dances!!  That definitely helps when attending a recital.  This particular dance was my favorite.  She is with her best friend and they were partners.  They had a lot of fun with this dance.  It was to the song on Greece "We go together!"  I happen to love the movie Greece, so that helped, too.  Annelyn did a great job!!  Always proud of that sweet girl! 

Olivia sure does love Annelyn!
 Annelyn's other grandma got the girls the headbands again this year.  Olivia still has hers from last year and loves it!  I thought it was super sweet of her to get one for Olivia again. 

She was worn out on the ride home.  She was such a good girl during the recital.  She made it thru the whole thing this year!  Last year we had to keep going outside for small breaks.  

Friday, June 13, 2014

Nana's birthday

Before we could even have breakfast Olivia wanted to know when we were gonna bake!  This kid absolutely loves baking.  We decided that we would have John's sister's, aunts and uncles over for a cookout to celebrate his mom's birthday. 
She picked out the cupcakes, mixed everything, lined the cupcake pan and then decorated them herself.  I only measured and put them in and out of the oven.  I must say, they were yummy!!!! 
She is a good little cook, and so fun to be with.  There is that tongue again!

Yes, I let her lick the bowl.  Yes, I know there are eggs in the mix.  Wasn't that your favorite part when you were a kid!?!?  She only got a little lick.  
Uh-Oh....I have been caught!  Doesn't he look guilty?!?!  He really likes to push things around.  While we were baking, he went to the laundry room and got the floor mop out and went to town!  I guess someone needs to clean around here! 
Still at it.  Thanks buddy for cleaning!!!  Too bad there isn't any actual cleaner in use.  He is just pushing the mop around.  Darn! Good work though.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Memorial day weekend

Memorial Day weekend is the kickoff to In between working, we took breaks and played with two super cute kiddos! 

He LOVES to swing!!!

This girl has learned to swing on her own!  No more pushing for her!!  She can pump her legs big time!

It's always fun to give Easton a push!

I love this picture!  Olivia and Easton were walking to the front.  John was mowing.  Look at Olivia's arm.  She held Easton back to make sure he didn't get hurt.  She threw her arm back and told him to stop!  Way to go big sis!  They are becoming pretty good buddies (occasionally).  I think once he can talk more they will have lots of fun together!

 We jumped on the trampoline while Easton napped.
She came at me and I happened to get a good pic.  Usually these turn out blurry, but this one just shows one HAPPY girl!
 Olivia loves this pool!  This was Easton's first time in the pool.  He had fun after being in it a few minutes.  As you can see by his swim trunks, these were bought our first summer waiting.  Sorry bud, these need to go, but they worked for this particular day of fun in the sun! 

HAPPY SUMMER!!!  Olivia informs me each day, multiple times a day that it is summer.  We need to eat cold things like ice cream and swim every day!  Those are her rules to summer.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mother's Day .

I NEVER blogged about my first Mother's Day with Easton home!  We went over to John's moms house for lunch and then to my parent's for dinner.  I LOVE spending time with my family!  As for the day in general, it was a normal Sunday, but as I rocked Easton to sleep, I thought about the last two years that came and went without him home.  I remember wondering, more than just on Mother's Day, what he would be like,  what would he sound like, how would he feel in my arms, what would his personality be? 
I am so happy that I can now answer all of the above questions.  I might have rocked him a bit longer than usual that night as I looked at his sweet sleeping face.  He is still adjusting, and it isn't always happy and smiles, but we are getting into our groove, finally!  Can you tell he is sweating?!  He can have a bath and be squeaky clean.  In no time he is sweating like a little pig!  

Miss Olivia came home with her Mother's Day craft.  I always look forward to this!  It seems to be similar questions each year, so I enjoy seeing the difference a year makes! 
I can't think of a better gift from my girl.  After I made over this gift we played, had dinner and then bath (this was the Thursday before Mother's Day).  As I was putting her lotion on after bath she asked me, "mommy, what you gonna give me for Mother's day?"  Hmmmm......I didn't know this was a holiday that I needed to give her something??!!  Well, I had wanted to get her one of the mother daughter necklaces, but it hadn't happened.  I explained that this was a day for mommy's.  She didn't like my response and still wanted to know what she was getting.  As luck would have it, Mother's day came and went and she never asked that question again.  She and John gave me some flowers and we enjoyed the day with our newest addition. 


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Big girl school

Another end to a year at MDO.  I can't believe that this is the end of her time there.  We have been so blessed by each teacher that Olivia has had.  This year, Olivia gave her teacher a flower with a couple of gift cards.  The tag said "thank you for helping me grow."  Her teacher, Mrs. Lauren really did help her grow in so many ways.  Each teacher she has had has been perfect for each season of Olivia's development so far.  We have been truly blessed by each teacher there as well as the director. 
We decided to hold Olivia from Kindergarten this next year.  She will be five in June, and as a kindergarten teacher, I think holding her a year is what is best at this point.  Hopefully she will grow out of some of her shyness and mature a bit.  I think academically she would be fine, but in my opinion, I would rather hold her a year than have her struggle some if any.  She will be going to a pre- kindergarten program next year five days a week.  It is a class of 23, so hopefully she will make lots of new friends and have a blast! 
 I went ahead and sent her some this spring just so she wouldn't have as hard of a transition in the fall.  She did well and seemed to like it.  The day before she started school she kept saying she thought she would puke the next morning.  She is a nervous puker, so this isn't uncommon.  I told her that was ok.  Come to find out, when I picked her up that afternoon she had a 104.5 temp and felt awful.  She was getting sick and must have not felt her best the afternoon before.  She went like a trooper and had a fun time. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Muffin making...together

As Olivia was mixing her muffins, I looked up and saw this!  Melt my heart. 

 ...and then he decided to help, or lick!

Easton insists on being on the same stool at Olivia.  She had been pushed over from the look of things.  
She even washed her bowl. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Naps are good anywhere!

Have I mentioned that I seem to be Easton's "person?"  One Sunday, I was lucky and caught a quick nap.  A nap that had kids poking and asking for me.  A nap that might not have been the most restful, but a nap nonetheless.  It was a chilly day and rainy, so what better to do than a nap, right?   In John's defense, he told me to go to the bedroom to nap, but I sleep better on the couch. 
   He didn't know how to climb at this point, so he just laid next to the couch to fall asleep.