Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend of fun!

This week was a week of a lot of firsts.  After we got back from Atlanta, John returned to work on Tuesday.  As he was getting ready Monday night, he sat down to look at grades.  I was downstairs with Easton and I got a text from John saying, "She just asked where the E was!"  Hilarious! 
As the week continued, the three of us stayed in and played at home, by the weekend it warmed up!  On Friday, I decided that since it was nice out and we would take Oscar for a walk. 
Poor Easton has to ride in a pink car!  Everything we have is pink....sorry kiddo!  Real boys wear (ride) in pink though, right?!?! 
 After nap, we loaded up and headed to Target!  First we stopped at DQ to get some food!!  I knew this would help the shopping experience.  As you can see to the right of the picture, Olivia is down shopping!
It was a gorgeous day and we could hardly wait to play outside!  We got up and Olivia went to gymnastics and I took Easton to a friend's birthday party.  He did great!!  He had fun climbing and running around. 
We met back at home and I took Olivia to the next birthday party.  It was at a gymnastics place here in town.  She did great!  She wanted me to stay with her for the first 15 minutes or so, but then she took off and played!  Yay Olivia!!

When we got back home we all headed out to play!  I think Olivia pulled out every toy in the garage!  We had a fun afternoon. 

Saturday night I went to craft night with my friend, MaryLeigh.  It was fun to get to just hang out with adults for a few hours!  We decided on this night in December.  I have looked forward to it for a while!! 

We decided that since we have had custody almost 6 weeks that it was time to venture to church.  Overall, he did well.  I did take multiple snacks and fed him the whole time.  He made about half way.  Olivia and John went to children's church.  We came home and spent the afternoon playing outside.  On to a new week!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Family Day for Olivia

I cannot believe that 3 years ago we were in Korea with a terrified little girl.  We had started the grieving process (hmmmm, we seem to be there right now!)


What a difference three years makes!  We have a lively, fun, smart, sassy, silly and gorgeous little girl.  She is growing up before our eyes.  I love her so much.  I can't even put into words how I feel about her and we are only three years in!  I can't imagine how I will feel when she graduates high school, goes to college and gets married.  I know we can't slow down time, but sometimes I wish I could freeze moments that we have.  For our three year family day we celebrated by surprising her with Disney Live tickets.  She seemed to really enjoy the show!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Girls weekend

Sunday we left and headed to Atlanta!  Annelyn turned 7 on the 15th and she wanted to go to the American Girl store.  I was hesitant to leave since Easton has only been home a month, but he and John needed that time to bond, and I didn't want Olivia to miss out!  Off we went and had a great weekend!  
Upon arrival, they got their own key!  They also had cookies and milk waiting for them and an American girl doll bed!  To say they were excited is an understatement!

We enjoyed lunch at the bistro in the American Girl store!

....and cake!

They got to watch their dolls get their hair fixed!  Olivia doesn't have her own so she took mine.  She got some new things for her and I told her if she plays with her that we might get her one for her birthday! 
A little carousel ride before leaving the mall. This was Olivia's first time to ride without me on there with her!!  Yay Olivia! 
Ready to head for home!
 I had asked John to send me pictures of Easton so I could see that he was ok. 
John sent me a text that said he was going to go nuts if he heard ABCDEFG one more time.

Oscar was less than thrilled that Easton joined them on their nightly walk.

Ready for bed!
Oscar does not jump off the bed.  John said that Oscar was asking Easton, "you jump from all the way up here?!"

The next  text I got with this picture was, "There has to be a better way to get down!"

A kiss for his puppy!
 The night went well for them!  It is so great that Easton actually sleeps in his own bed!

Good morning!!

A happy camper!  John said that he did go to the bedroom looking for me. 
Around 6:30 they would stand at the front door.  Each car that went by they would run to the back door to see if it was us coming home.  How cute!