Thursday, May 29, 2014


We had a garden at our old house.  The first time we planted it was Olivia's first spring home. 

Oscar has always stayed on the edge and been an onlooker. 

The tongue started with this picture!
The pictures above are from April 2011.  Olivia had only been home for two short months at that time!  Wow....she is a totally different kid now!
Some things haven't changed.  She still loves digging in the dirt! 
Oscar still hates the dirt!

 And she still sticks her tongue out (minus the dirt) at any given photo op!
This year we did a raised garden and kept it on the smaller side. 
Oh how lucky I am to get to have this kid as mine!!!  She is AMAZING!

Though our newest addition wasn't into digging in the dirt that evening, he was digging!
Not sure what he dug out, but he was one happy kiddo!!!

Monday, May 26, 2014


We moved into our house right at a year ago.  We have taken every chance to fix our landscaping as I think they put in whatever was dead or half off when they landscaped our house.  We dug it all up and replanted stuff in the fall.  A lot of it didn't make it so we dug that up and replanted again.  After a Saturday full of me chasing kids and putting down black paper we got a load of mulch and put it in.  It was a weekend that John worked at school to get his students ready for the end of course testing.  It was warm and pretty and we love to be outside so I went at it.  It was suppose to pour the rain that Sunday, and I was determined to get mulch put down.  We hurried and made it!  The kids even joined in to help!! 

When they weren't helping, Easton got his first dose of the water table. 
Oscar was a huge help as he napped under the truck.




Saturday, May 24, 2014

4 months home

I am a week late on this post, but can you believe that Easton has been home for 4 months?!?!  How is that possible?!!?   In four months this kid has come a LONG way!  He runs and climbs.
Yep, he climbed up on my kitchen table and just stared at me. 

He loves to climb up to the top of the swing set. 

  When he first came home he could hardly walk 10 steps without falling.  He loves to be outside and is typically unhappy when we go in for the night.  He still sleeps through the night but will not go down for me.  I rock him for a bit and then John comes in and puts him down.  He refuses to stay in the bed for me.  Trust me, it isn't for lack of trying.  I have tried for hours at a time but the second I walk out he is screaming.  He can be sound asleep and I put him down and he is up.  When John puts him down he just rolls over and that is that.  I don't get it!  He is trying to say more words and understands what is being said to him.  Most things are in a sing song tone at this point.  He tries to say please, all done, more, and simple phrases.  One huge thing he just recently said was, "Mama!!"  He was upset and when I picked him up he patted my back and said Mama.  That has happened twice.  The rest of the time I am Olga.  Oh well!  Baby steps!!  I feel like he is changing daily!  He is quickly growing and turning into more of a little boy.