Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

I LOVE Thanksgiving.  I am not sure if it is the food, the family or the memories that we have and also make together.  This year, our table was full, we had great food, and a NEW face with us.  Last year we discussed packing and heading off to Korea, and this year the little guy was sitting with us!  No more empty seat at our table!   He is a mess, but I am so glad he is home.  I cannot believe that we have almost known him for a year!  It has been a tough year in so many ways, but it has seriously flown by!  Some days have seemed endless, but they days all together seem short.  He is a happy kiddo most days and in to EVERYTHING!  He seems to have 50 arms going at one time.  He is a little tornado and thinks everything is hilarious.  I think he is loving American holidays so far since they all lead to food!


Monday, November 17, 2014

Baby Lana

Sunday after Halloween we had a party for sweet baby Lana.  I had so much fun decorating!  I never get to do this kind of stuff anymore, so I soaked it up!!

 Mom to save the day!!  She got the food, fixed it and then put it on the trays....with Olivia's help of course.  Danyell's friend Lindsay also helped with food and the party.  She was busy getting her things set up at this time as well.  She was also our photographer for the day!!

Danyell is such a beautiful girl inside and out and is also a great mama!  She is gonna love having a girl!  I am so use to seeing her with boy stuff for Levi that it was weird to see her with pink!

She got some great stuff!!!  I can't wait to meet baby Lana!


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Halloween Night

Well, from the night before when we dressed them up for the "practice run" it was nice and warm out.  Then a cold front moved through.  Boy were we cold!!!  We made it the circle around our neighborhood, and then we were very ready to get home in the warm house!!!  We enjoyed pizza with some of our sweet neighbors before heading out in the cold.  We are so blessed to live in a neighborhood with so many kids that are close to the age of Olivia and Easton. 

 We attempted a group shot.  Way to go big sis!!  She tried to keep Easton in the pic!

When we got home my parents were there with warm chili ready to eat!  They had been handing out candy for us.  Last year we didn't have nearly enough candy, and this year I returned some because we had way too much and not enough trick or treaters due to the cold.  Easton loved going door to door and getting FOOD!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Happy Halloween!! (a wee bit late!)

We went the Sunday before Halloween to carve pumpkins at Mammy and Buppy's house.

She studied everything Buppy was doing.  
With 4 pumpkins to carve and no one sure of their design two got done and the other two were left to do later in the week.  I got to their house quickly after school and Olivia and Easton got to carve their pumpkins with Buppy.  She sat with Buppy and looked for the perfect face.  She found it and they were ready to carve when I got there!

It is safe to say that she absolutely adores Buppy!  I think we all do!!
One pleased kiddo with her pumpkin.  

Easton loved everything about Halloween!

Thursday before Halloween I got home and Easton's costume had come!  They had to try them on.  He had another Olaf costume, but it was too small.  This one was perfect.  He is saying, "cheese" so all of our pictures have this smile currently.  Look at my beautiful Elsa back there!!!

 Halloween, here we come!!