Monday, February 4, 2013

Goodbye Oaks Drive

I am typing this from my new laptop....nothing grand, but it is new.  I am not loving it and terribly sad because my other laptop was dropped.  When it dropped, our hard drive got erased causing me to lose all of our pictures.  I have been so sad about this one which may be why I felt so flooded with all of the memories.  They are just that...memories because my pictures are gone.  We tried to purchase the part that would install a new hard drive because, hello, much cheaper, but they no longer make that part.  Ugh!!

Yesterday we closed a wonderful chapter of our lives.  9 years ago my dad built our home.  He did an amazing job and I didn't think I would be as sad as I was to close the door for the last time.  As I have mentioned before we put our house up for sale the week prior to Christmas and said that if it was meant to be, it would sell.  I was giving it 60 days.  It sold the day after Christmas....7 days after being listed!  We packed and have now moved in with my parents for the next 4 months while we build, have spring consignment, and continue to wait for our little guy to come home.  Never a dull moment to say the least! 
I moved into that house crying because it was great and all, but I didn't want to live there. I left it crying, but left taking away amazing memories.  I hate any kind of change!
We left a huge piece of us there and we will always treasure that home.  We did a lot of living in that house and it went from being the house that dad built for us to the home that dad built for us.  I cannot thank him enough for the wonderful start that he gave to us.  I love him more than this world!  He is an amazing dad and I am beyond blessed to have him as mine.  He is also an incredible home builder!  There are small touches in the homes he builds that are far beyond any other builder that I have ever seen.  I am not just saying that because he is my dad....
I truly don't know how to say thank you to my parents! 
As we packed I could see all the different people that have been over and shared in fun times with us.  From our first meal there while it was still being built when we set up folding chairs and enjoyed a meal before walking over to the football stadium to the birthday parties and celebrations we have had for our children.  I envisioned us bringing Olivia into the house for the first time.  I could see our holidays each and every one of them!  I was reminded of  both sets of our parents staying the night after the tornado of 07 due to damage.  I could see the hours and sweat that we put into our yard and the amount of help we had.  I could see our nieces spending the night and us having a camp fire.  Annelyn tried smores for the first time that night and Olivia fell in love with Brittney!  I could see all the yard sales and all of the wonderful things that went on day in and day out.  Unfortunately, we were outgrowing our house, but worse still, our neighbors were all passing away making it obvious to us that we needed to move for Olivia to have neighborhood kids to play with and for us to continue to grow our family.  Oh how I love that house!  I love every part of it.  As my mom reminded me that it is a is the people that are important.  I will always treasure that house and all the memories in it!  Here are a few of our last memories made in the house. 

Yes, we dug up bulbs!  I didn't think the camera was
working. As you can tell, we weren't thrilled
with having our picture made. :)

Last (almost family) picture at our home....Oscar couldn't come
 because he has been really depressed since we left so we
figured he didn't need to return.  Bless his little heart.

 I seriously tried to take my front door, but it swings the wrong way for the new house.  I have about a thousand pictures of our mantle because I want dad to build one just like it.  I also have pics. of every other nook and cranny in the house.  :)

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