Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Valentines day!

Easton was on the tail end of pneumonia and Olivia was sickly as well. They just werent 100%.  They got their goodies and then enjoyed heart cinnamon rolls. We hung out at home and just did what they wanted to do.

 Olivia got a chocolate candy mold maker for valentines day so we made some candy and then made her daddy a cake. 

They both seemed to enjoy their treats. 

We had a lot of work to do on Valentine boxes. I should probably have read the note that said no bigger than a shoe box, but whoopsie. Olivia did a great job with both boxes. She did all the cutting and stayed with the project. 

Easton took Mickey and Minnie Mouse candy bars (when he returned to school) because he was out sick the day of their party. Between snow and sick days it was a wonder we ever got the party done.

Olivia spent time writing all of her valentines on her own. She has 20 friends in her class. I decided it was time to do the boxed ones since she is in "big kid" school. 

We finished out the day with a heart shaped pizza and watching charlie brown. 

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