Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy 1st birthday Easton

Friday Easton turned 1 year old. Along with Easton's birthday, we also celebrated my dad's birthday. I couldn't think of a better person for Easton to share his birthday with. We celebrated dad's birthday on Friday night with a not so calm dinner at moms. By not so calm I mean three dogs barking through dinner, Annelyn dancing around and Adeline (the 10 week old baby)crying and Olivia fussing because she didn't want to eat because "me no like it." Regardless of the chaos, I love family time and mom made it through without having a coronary! I am sure my dad couldn't have thought of a better possible way to spend his birthday. We sure do love you dad!!
Saturday night we marked on the calendar for Easton's Dol. We looked at the Tennessee football schedule when planning and had everyone get there around kickoff time to make sure they weren't driving during the first quarter. Unfortunately, TN lost.
Easton's Dol was very different from Olivia's as I went with a fall theme. Hers was a summer candy theme. I so wish he could have been here, but I am grateful that he got to spend his first birthday in Korea. I hope we will share many, many more birthday's TOGETHER though!! On Thursday, I was kinda blue that he was celebrating his first birthday without me. All the milestones we miss in that first year. Goodness! I wish we could have shared each and every one of them with him. I am trying to quickly move past the sad feelings and get back to waiting....and waiting some more for him to come home! We got a wonderful surprise Thursday! We got some pictures of our sweet boy, who has changed again in the last month! Look at that smile!!!
He has his birthday boy bib that we sent. I must say, Olivia keeps us busy so I am ok on most days. Thank you everyone who came to celebrate with us! We love each and every one of you.

The Dol table--I really like how it turned out!

On the serving table.

At Olivia's Dol, I had a brochure at each place setting to explain what a Dol is and some of the traditions that the Koreans do at the first birthday. I decided instead of brochures that I would just hang the explanations up.

The cake was YUMMY! Thank you Amy Bennett. Go to if you are in the area. She does a great job. You can also find her on FB.

I really like how this turned out! Thanks pinterest!

Our front door wreath. Thank you, again, pinterest! I love that I can change it out every season.

The tower on the left is Easton's Korean name. The other one is butterscotch. Dol towers signify for the child to have a long and healthy life. They use to be actual towers of dessert.

This Dol tower is 'Easton' written in Hangul.

Lower part of Dol table with the cake on it.

I thought a great way to end a fall night was with a caramel apple!

Love that the two of them are holding hands....ok, so they were told to, but it is really cute!

She puts her face right next to mine for pictures now. I love this kid so much!!!!

Dinner time!

Two sweet, cute, and lively boys. Love them both!!

MaryLeigh--thanks for all your help!!! She took all the pictures and came in with hands to help get the last minute stuff done. I love that she loves my Olivia!

Again....pinterest! Loved this idea. It is a smores bar! I think it was enjoyed by many!! Plus, we can use it again!

Thanks mom for grilling the hot dogs!

A little UT game watching.

I hate we didn't get a family picture. None of us were in the same place long enough to take one.

Khloe and Sawyer enjoying the sand. There may have been some sand eating.

A group up at the swing set enjoying each others company.

I wanted a picture of Olivia in front of the table, but she was being silly and wouldn't smile...after a ton of coaxing, we got a silly laugh and I grabbed it!

Again, thank you to all who came! Thank you to all who are praying for our sweet boy. Please continue to pray him home!

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