Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Fall, Ya'll

This weekend I had a massive 'to do' list. Well, it is safe to say that I didn't get it all done, but I did accomplish a lot of it. I have been sick to my stomach this afternoon, so not much (okay, nothing) got done the remainder of the day. I had on my list decorate for Halloween. I had also pinned some cute stuff on pinterest and I am trying to do more crafty stuff with Olivia. Yesterday she asked to paint. I told her when we got back from her haircut thinking it would be lunch then nap time. We finished lunch and she came over with the paint. I said, "can we wait?" Her response, "no mommy - now. you said after Nana!" So, off we went to paint. I mean, who needs a nap when you can paint?! We had fun! We painted for the next hour and a half. The garage floor and all. I think it will wash off. :/ While painting, I also accomplished some of my Halloween decor for this year. Different, but I love it!!! At first, she was super careful. Notice the one color, brush and 'easy does it' approach. (Please disregard the consignment/garage sale stuff--that was on the list. Maybe next weekend? John did hang racks/shelving for us to use, so really we couldn't do anything before that was done anyway, right?!) Well, that portion was short lived. She went at it shortly there after and had a blast! She washes ya know, so I am not opposed to mess. It was e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e!! NO clue about this face, but it made me laugh! She has had some funny expressions lately.

Oscar must be saying, "What the heck are you doing, sister?"

I asked her to come over so I could paint her hand. I looked over and this is what she was doing. Her response, "me do mommy!"

This morning we got up and told her we had a surprise. She kept asking what it was, but I told her she would have to wait and see. As she saw me putting on my tennis shoes and loading Oscar's stroller in the car she said, "me go park mommy!" Dang it, how did she know?! I guess the minute she saw my running shoes she knew that's where we were headed. We got a picnic breakfast to take over there (Arby's--Hardee's was way to busy) and then we had to double back past the house to get to the park. From the back we keep hearing, "no home, go to park." She knew we were headed in the direction of home and was worried that we weren't going to the park anymore. From a directionally challenged person, I was amazed that she knew where we were and that we were headed in the direction of home....hello, she is 3!

Olivia will be that kid in school who is always sitting in time out for swinging on her belly, running down/up the slide and going down backwards or face first. I can see it now. Oh me!

We were about to leave and John had the brilliant idea to let Oscar slide with Olivia. Poor Oscar, I couldn't take a picture because I was so nervous. He was terrified. I couldn't believe John did that to him. Poor fellow! Notice, the before, he looks happy, ok, clueless. Then John decides that they will go down again, but this time he will go with them. Hello, genius, I thought this is how you would have done it to begin with. No no, lets send a 3 year old down and tell her to hold on to him. Oh me! This mama did not see the humor. Look at the look of fear on Oscar's face the 2nd time down. Ok, his ears blowing in the wind is pretty stinkin cute! It is safe to say that Oscar didn't speak to him until lunch when he got chicken. :)

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