Sunday, October 14, 2012

Off on a trip

Last night, Olivia informed me that she was leaving.  I asked her if I could get her a bag and she said, "Um...yep!" and took off running for my blue bag that I always take when we travel.  She was loading up her car and heading for a hotel.  
A "reby reby big hotel!" (really really big hotel)  I told her I could just drive her and drop her off, but she said it was too far away and that she would take her car.  So, I sat back and watched.  After a bit I asked if she had everything she needed and she looked and said, "nope!"  
She headed for her room to get her ladybug stars that we have on every night.  She loaded her car and just needed me to get her bag to fit.  I told her the only place was on top and that seemed ok with her. 
 She never got it quite loaded the way she wanted it, so I convinced her to clean it up.
 We headed out and went to Chick Fil A and Lowes.  She did take her purse with her though (this is a first).  In it she had her car keys, cell phone and etch-a-sketch.  Priorities people, right!?!   I guess it isn't a hotel, but we had a fun girls night.  


  1. Love! These are the types of moments with my J that I love to have.

  2. Love it! And glad you girls had fun!! :)