Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter festivities...the day before

We spent today out and about, with the end goal of the day to dye eggs and to have a glow in the dark egg hunt.  I think those are great 'night before Easter' traditions to start and I hope to add some more.  She had a blast doing both! 

John and I talked about doing several of the cute (ok, I talked....) pinteresty Easter things, but I think she is too young to get it.  I could be totally wrong, but I am thinking kindergarten is more of the age I want to shoot for as far as details.  My sister took my niece, Annelyn, to a Passover dinner this year and she said she could tell how much Annelyn was taking in.  I know at 6 kids are really processing. 

She and I have talked each day about what Easter is and what Jesus did for us.  She will say, "tell me about it mama."  After about 30 seconds, she has, as we call it, squirrelled out!  (If you have seen the movie UP, then you get that.)  So, we have kept it simple.  I plan to add more each year, but for now, we are simple. 

patiently waiting for her next egg

Working hard at getting her eggs the perfect color!

She seems proud of this egg! 
...but then she gave it a good talking to.


Super excited that she has a cracked egg!

she couldn't peel it fast enough....


to eat it!!!

Oscar, who had sat patiently the whole time liked the cracked egg, too.


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