Monday, March 25, 2013

1 year and still waiting....

I could have sworn that we got our referral on the 26th of last year, but according to my ticker on my page, we got it two days ago last year.  Well son, you will learn, your mama is always late!  I cannot believe that we have officially been waiting a year for Easton to come home!  Things in Korea aren't looking overly promising for him to come home anytime soon.  I would love to write this post and us be preparing to travel, but that isn't the case.  Each day that passes puts us one closer to bringing home our son.  We pray that we see him before he turns 2 in September, but I am trying to prepare my heart for that not happening.   

Upon accepting Easton's referral, we were told 14 mos.  I said at that time that I would prepare myself for 18 in hopes for the 14 to be true.  Well, I am so glad that I prepared/am preparing for the long haul.  This mama will wait as long as needed, but it is not easy! 

Please be praying for positive movement in Korea.  They are at a stand still and it is a mess!


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  1. Praying that things change over there soon so that Easton and so many other babies can make their way to their forever homes!