Friday, November 29, 2013

November 6th

...was a big day at our house.  After 21 months of waiting, waiting, and more waiting, we received some great news!!!  "You have a court date!"  We found out that we would be meeting our boy exactly one month from November 6th.  With everything going on, I have not stopped long enough to blog, but I definitely want this documented!!!  It still seems incredibly surreal.  Tickets are booked, care packages have arrived, hotel is booked, and we leave in 5 days, but it doesn't seem real!  We got some pictures later in the day that I was surprised to get, but later found out the reason we got pictures was because he had gone to the agency due to some dental trouble.  So, he doesn't look well in these pictures, but at least we got to put our eyes on him. 

We will see him for one hour on the 6th, one hour on the 9th, appear in court on the 11th and fly home the 12th.  What a whirlwind trip!  We then come home and wait for final approval.  It looks like they are having court dates even on Christmas Eve, so maybe we will get that approval.  Unfortunately, tickets are astronomically expensive then, so we will have to wait until they go down to go back.  We have to be there this time due to court, but our return trip we can ask for the extension due to finances, but it kills me to wait even an extra day after waiting so long. 

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