Sunday, November 10, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Halloween this year was a bit odd.  It was suppose to storm really badly on Halloween, so our neighborhood decided to trick or treat the next night.  This ended up being perfect because Miss. Olivia came down with a flu bug.  The day before Halloween she had a temp of 104.5.  My mom took her to the doc. the next morning (Halloween) and he said she needed to lay low for a few days.  Halloween night we carved a pumpkin and watched good ole Charlie Brown. 

 A pumpkin seed seemed to land on Oscar's back. 
 After getting the guts out she ran to the cabinet and got a dish. 
She came back and said she was making a pumpkin pie.

 A little lovin' for her dad for carving a pumpkin.


 She is carving the top like her daddy!

 This face or any other silly face seems to becoming the norm for when I ask for a smile.

 So, by Friday, she was feeling more like herself and hadn't had a temp since Wed. so she wasn't contagious anymore.  We went to a few houses trick or treating, but I honestly think she liked handing the candy out more than trick or treating!!

Ready to go!  She is pretty excited!

 .....and we are going.  Doesn't she look thrilled?!?! 

Olivia had fun handing out candy!  She looks like she is checking out what this kid has in his bag.
 Waiting for trick or treaters.
 Play time while we wait for more trick or treaters!

 The last few spooks to come by.

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