Thursday, May 29, 2014


We had a garden at our old house.  The first time we planted it was Olivia's first spring home. 

Oscar has always stayed on the edge and been an onlooker. 

The tongue started with this picture!
The pictures above are from April 2011.  Olivia had only been home for two short months at that time!  Wow....she is a totally different kid now!
Some things haven't changed.  She still loves digging in the dirt! 
Oscar still hates the dirt!

 And she still sticks her tongue out (minus the dirt) at any given photo op!
This year we did a raised garden and kept it on the smaller side. 
Oh how lucky I am to get to have this kid as mine!!!  She is AMAZING!

Though our newest addition wasn't into digging in the dirt that evening, he was digging!
Not sure what he dug out, but he was one happy kiddo!!!

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