Monday, May 26, 2014


We moved into our house right at a year ago.  We have taken every chance to fix our landscaping as I think they put in whatever was dead or half off when they landscaped our house.  We dug it all up and replanted stuff in the fall.  A lot of it didn't make it so we dug that up and replanted again.  After a Saturday full of me chasing kids and putting down black paper we got a load of mulch and put it in.  It was a weekend that John worked at school to get his students ready for the end of course testing.  It was warm and pretty and we love to be outside so I went at it.  It was suppose to pour the rain that Sunday, and I was determined to get mulch put down.  We hurried and made it!  The kids even joined in to help!! 

When they weren't helping, Easton got his first dose of the water table. 
Oscar was a huge help as he napped under the truck.




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