Sunday, August 17, 2014

A New Chapter for Olivia

Now that she is 5, it was decision time.  Kindergarten or not?  Since I teach kindergarten I felt like I could make that judgment call.  I am very satisfied with our decision to keep her one more year before starting 'big school.'  We decided she needed more than a 2 day a week MDO, but not kindergarten.  That is a tall order around here unless you can afford 10,000 a semester, which isn't in the budget for us!  Our school system has a program for teacher's kids and it is a pre k program.  I decided it was our best bet for Miss Olivia to be socially and academically ready for kindergarten.  She LOVES this place!  She asks me to pick her up later than what I do, and she seems ready to go at night when we get her outfit ready for the next day. 

 Thank goodness for my parents!  I am not quite sure how we would swing this school thing if it weren't for them.  Mom comes each morning, feeds them, dresses them, and takes Olivia to school and Easton back to her house.  Olivia informs me that I can't make eggs, so she often asks Mammy to make them.  Nothing but the best for her 1st day! 

 This kid adores his big sister! 
I love these two kids.  It seems like yesterday that we were coming home with Olivia in our arms.  She is one amazing kid!  What a blessing these two are in our lives. 

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