Thursday, September 11, 2014


On August 19th my sweet Buddy Butt was put down.  One day mom and dad told me that they decided it was time I have a pup.  We had a pup all my life, but she wasn't MINE.  She was my sisters, and they said everyone needs their own.  My sister's dog, that I never particularly liked for some reason, was getting rather old and they knew this would make the transition with her easier for all.  We went to several places, but this day I got to get my very own puppy.  It was August 17, 1998.  She was my sweet pup that I got when I was 15.  I will never forget the day we got her.  We went to this house where there were birds and dogs making noises everywhere!  We got to see her parents and I had picked the pup I wanted.  I had to babysit that night and we needed to get back.  We were about an hour from home so we needed to hurry.  As mom wrote the check for the puppy, dad was looking him over.  Suddenly, he realized this puppy had a place on his stomach (at that time we were unfamiliar with Shih-Tzu's and we didn't know it was common for these to have hernia's.  This little guy also had a bad eye.  Since we were in a hurry, and my heart was set that this was the day, mom and dad said, "there, just get that one!"  Over in the corner seeming as if she was terrified to be chosen sat my sweet Buttons.  I grabbed her up, dad looked her over and we were on our way.  She was so nervous that she rode between the passenger door and seat all the way home.  When we got home, I ran down the street to babysit and called mom and dad several times trying to think of a name.  Finally, we landed on Buttons and dad said that one day we definitely needed a Beau....which we loved him dearly. 

We decided to let her have 1 litter of puppies.  November 2, 1999 she had 7 puppies.  She was so big!  I have a picture of her on Halloween that year and she was a HUGE bumblebee.  She was determined to have these puppies in my cheerleading bag, but we finally got her to settle in the kitchen.  She was a good little mommy.  It was so neat to watch her have puppies.  I had never seen that, and clearly that's the only birth process I will ever see, so way to go Buddy!!  John missed out.  I paged him PUPPIES, and didn't realize it was a 7 letter word.  He spent the day trying to call this number back and missed out.  Dang pagers! That was an unforgettable day! 
She always loved on Beau as if she knew he was hers.  She would clean his face and take care of him. 

She loved to snuggle on toys.  She loved to snuggle period.  She let me hold her for hours on her back and would go limp and just snooze on me.  
Buttons, thanks for soaking up my tears many, many times, snuggling with me, and loving me no matter what mood I was in.  We sure do miss you, but I know you aren't hurting anymore. 

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