Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wibble wobble

Olivia had her first loose teeth.  7 teeth to be exact!  I knew her front tooth was coming out soon because she spent every waking moment wiggling it.  She got to where she could twist it around.  So, I did a little research to see how Korean children celebrate the "tooth fairy."  Here is what I found: 
"Putting a tooth under a pillow sounds soft and sweet, but it also sounds kind of boring. What about tossing those teeth around? In Korea, that’s just what they do. Historically, kids who lose teeth from their lower jaw will throw their teeth onto their roof, while upper jaw teeth go on the floor or even under it (the idea is the new tooth will be pulled towards the old tooth). That’s not all, though, because as the tooth-losing kiddo tosses their teeth, they sometimes yell out a wish that the missing tooth be replaced by the tooth of a mouse. What, is Raton Perez at it again? Nope, mice (and other rodents) just have teeth that continually grow, which sounds like a wise request when one goes missing."
Well, we aren't throwing our teeth around, and they are Korean-Americans, so I wanted to incorporate both things.  So, a tooth mouse it was.  I looked and looked and didn't see one I liked, so I got creative.  I ordered this Kevin Henkes mouse, Penny, and had the little bag made from a site on etsy.  She LOVED it!!!  Though Penny spends most nights with Olivia, the bag goes up to her door when she loses a tooth. 
She climbed up on the side of my bed at 1:24 a.m. to tell me she had lost her tooth.  She was excited, so I asked her where it was.  She accidentally swallowed it and she said it tickled going down and that is what woke her up.  We never have seen that tooth!  She wrote the tooth fairy a note in hopes of a treat!  The tooth fairy delivered!  She left her 10.00 since it was a front tooth, and a receipt.  The tooth fairy leaves glittery money!  Olivia loved it!!

 A week later and she lost another one!  I have a visit the tooth fairy will be broke if this keeps up!  She got 5.00 for this tooth, and the tooth fairy actually got the tooth!!!  I was fixing her hair for gymnastics and she said, "uh mommy, my tooth fell out!"  Of all the places, it fell out on a shaggy white rug in our bathroom.  After quite a bit of searching, we found it!!!  I can't believe my girl is losing teeth already!  She loves putting her tongue where her teeth are missing.  It looks like she will be losing her other front tooth soon. 



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