Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Birthday boys

Easton and Buppy share a birthday.  September 14th was a big day!  Easton turned 4 (and celebrated his 2nd birthday home) and Buppy turned 70.  How is that even possible?!
These two have quite a bit of fun together and Easton sure does love Buppy! 

Easton started preschool this year and got to take cupcakes to school!  They gave him a crown that he proudly wore ALL day.  Once we all got home, we gave him his presents.  He was so thrilled with his new bike and his paw patrol toy from Olivia. 

Oscar was over the bike and on to Easton's next present! 

Obviously John wasn't opening it fast enough!

We had wrapped Buppy's present and Easton went to open it.  We told him no that it was for Buppy so he grabbed his UT hat and said, "go Mammy and Buppy." 
We got to mom and dad's and I took dad's present over to his spot at the table because we always do presents after dinner at their house.  Dad was outside at the moment and Easton was walking all through the house yelling for him!  Once dad came in, he mentioned it being Easton's birthday.  Easton said, "happy birthday," and immediately went to get dad's present from the table.  He was determined to get him to open it right then.  We had delicious steaks for dinner and it was present time before desert.  Mom and dad gave Easton a grill, but it wasn't wrapped.  Mom told Easton he had to cover his eyes while dad brought it in.  To say he was excited is an understatement.

 In all the excitement, in came Leslie, Moose, Annelyn and Adeline to surprise dad!  What a great birthday surprise! 

Dad opened his presents and we enjoyed some cake and then we all had to head home since it was a school night.  I think both of them had a great day! 

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