Monday, September 7, 2015

Paw-ty for Easton Paw Patrol style

Easton will be 4 on the 14th!  I cannot believe that he will be 4.  We had his party this past Saturday and he had a great time. 

Party prep was fun and it turned out really well--or at least I thought it did. :)

We did some Hobby Lobby shopping last weekend to get some supplies.  We can have fun anywhere!

All the kids seem to enjoy the sandbox, bouncy house, trampoline, swing set and food.  Lot's of playing happening!

Levi, smile!  This is what I got!  Classic!! 
 I am quite sure I have a picture JUST like this one from last years party.  Everyone had gone back to playing and there is Easton.....still eating. 

Cake time!!
Present time.....he had the hang of it this year!

He is saying, "go big orange!"  

We had a great time and loved spending time with all of our friends and family that were able to come! 
And the party continued once everyone left.  Easton decided to eat like a dog! --and we let him and laughed. 

 Yay!  We got a family picture this birthday!!
 ....and after vacation we have decided that these pictures are pretty fun, too!  On vacation we did silly faces every time we were offered to do a 'professional' pic because we knew we weren't gonna buy them, so why not be silly!
Happy early birthday kiddo!  Hoping 4 is amazing!





  1. Paw-ty for Easton Paw Patrol style. Easton will be 4 on the 14th! I cannot believe that he will be 4. We had his party this past Saturday and he ...

  2. Oh wow, this Easton Paw Patrol style party was truly amazing. Each and everything that you arranged for this party is eye catching. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. I just got great inspirations from your party for my daughter’s 6th birthday bash. I wonder if you could suggest some garden NYC venues for her party!!