Thursday, May 19, 2016


Today marks the 856th day that Easton has been with us. No big deal, right?! Wrong! Easton lived in Korea for 856 days as well. He has now lived with us the same amount of time that he lived in Korea. He has come so, so far! He is much happier even in the last few months than before. He is talking now and we can understand most of his words. I can't believe we have spent 856 days together. Here is to a lifetime of making more memories, and Easton knowing that no matter what, we are here for him and will never leave his side! We live you Easton! We have had a lot of good days, a lot of bad day, and a lot of fun in between. You are gonna do great things little guy!


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  1. I love that he wants to be a lawyer! Great pictures and great memories.