Thursday, March 15, 2012

A day at the zoo

Tuesday, we joined friends and spent the day at the zoo! We had gorgeous weather, great company, and happy kids (for the most part). Doesn't get much better!!

Excited for the day!!

All in a line--headed to the alligators!

Ride choo choo train, please.

Lunch break!

Just lovin' the day.

Sweet girls.

The birds are fine daddy, as long as they aren't too close.

You do it--don't get too close.

Licking every drop!!

Stacy getting off the train with her little man.

This is fun guys!

Brandon, Ashley and Everley


Loving the carousel this season!!

Tuckered out!

Cassie and Khloe

I can do it--me do!

A few baby elephants this year, too.

...and baby giraffes, too.

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