Monday, March 26, 2012

A weekend away!

This past weekend, I packed my bags and headed for Atlanta to the Created for Care conference. It was an amazing weekend, and one that I needed badly. Our weekend was full of laughing, praising God, learning about our children and how to raise them to be a whole and happy person, and working on us as mama's. We started our weekend by going to IKEA and HMart. I had never been to IKEA, and was in love! What a great place!! We got some stuff at HMart (super sad that we didn't find plum soda..I will stock up in Korea!), and headed to the conference. It was at a gorgeous resort called Lake Lanier. It was a gorgeous place that I will definitely be visiting again. I enjoyed meeting people that I have gotten to know in the adoption process. It is such an amazing connection to have. I am already excited about next year's conference! Here are a few pictures:

Breakfast at IKEA.

Ready to SHOP!

Ready for our next session at C4C retreat.

Enjoying breakfast with MaryLeigh

Korean mama's! What a great group that I am truly honored to be a part of.

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