Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chili's Night

I got to Chili's around 4 on Tuesday. John and I pulled in at the same time, so Olivia was thrilled to get mommy and daddy that early in the day. She was tied to my hip at first, but quickly got over that. We talked to the manager for a bit and kinda got the run down on how the night would work. There were already a few early birds there, so we began talking to them. Soon, face after face arrived that we knew! People kept coming in and the whole restaurant was full of friends and family! It was an amazing experience and we had a blast! Olivia was everywhere, but she did great considering she was there from 4-9:30! We felt so loved and blessed by everyone's presence! I still can't believe how many people came out! Hopefully we will have that great of a turnout in a couple weeks at Cheeburger Cheeburger (hint, hint friends) :) The manager said we could do this as many times as we wanted, so we will definitely be doing it again while we are waiting. Again, thank you to ALL that came and supported us! It meant a ton just to see your face there!

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