Monday, April 16, 2012


I opened my email today and saw an email that had our little guys number on it. I got really excited because I knew he just went for his 7 month check up. I opened the email and we had 3 new pictures!!! What a dream! He is so cute and has changed quite a bit in the last month. He has a lot more hair! I showed Olivia when I got to mom and dad's to pick her up. I said, "do you want to see baby?" She responded, "uh huh." I opened the picture and said, "this is your brother. Do you want him to come live with us?" Luckily she said yes. I have asked that several times and the answer varies. But today she added, "he color with me?" So, maybe she sees a playmate? I hope they are great friends one day once we get past normal sibling stuff. I am sure they will!


  1. AGH. OH MY WORD. SO STINKIN CUTE! LOVE that little serious face and old man hair!
    Please give the boy a name, for the love of Pete!
    Off to google you some names....

  2. I LOVE that little hat on him!!!! How precious!! Can't wait for Olivia to be able to color with him. ;-)

  3. Oh so cute!!!! New pictures are always a special treat!