Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

What a great Easter! The Easter bunny visited Olivia and Oscar and they both seemed to like their baskets!

We went to church....late nonetheless. (really, would it be me if I weren't late?!) It would have helped if I hadn't been sewing until ten min. till 11. Um, church starts at 11! I was determined to get an order done. Anywho, we made it to church and that's what matters I guess. After church, we had mom and dad come over to take a few pictures.

She loves being outside, so off she went in her dress to play. I had her come back and take her dress off for her to enjoy the sunshine, water and her toys for a minute before heading over to John's family's house.

I made Olivia stop so I could get a picture of her in the outfit that I quickly made. She is a stinkin cute model, I must say!

Olivia loves to have her sunglasses on outside, and somehow, and somehow she ended up with two pairs on. She is so silly!

We enjoyed lunch with John's family and then had an Easter egg hunt. Olivia had a blast!!!! She knew exactly what to do without us having to show her! There were some rather large items in this egg hunt! A hula hoop, bat and ball, kick ball, golf clubs and more! WOW! What an egg hunt (or toy hunt!) We got a quick picture with Olivia's cousins and Granddaddy (he is only 104 years old! ;))

Even Oscar had a treat in an egg!

Olivia and Allayney had fun looking through their loot and I loved seeing Olivia get excited with each egg she opened! She would gasp and say, "Look!"

After a bit more playing, we headed over to my parents. Olivia had not had a nap at this point, and immediately fell asleep. We let her nap about 45 minutes and headed straight out for the egg hunt at mom and dad's house. Annelyn had been waiting on her all afternoon! Olivia was still tired at the start of the hunt, and was a bit whiny. She wouldn't carry her basket, so John went along to help. In no time she was having a ton of fun again!

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner and then the girls had fun looking at their baskets from Grammy and Grampy. Finally, we ended the night by dying eggs.

There were a few casualties, but all in all, the girls did a great job!

It was a perfect day!

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