Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Encores Consignment Murfreesboro

If you live near Murfreesboro, then this sale is a must! This is a great kids, adult and home consignment sale. Also, you can help us out in the process! For $10.00 you can shop at 7 pm on Aug. 7th. This is before the sale even opens to the public!! So....get out there on the 7th and see what kind of great stuff you can buy. I honestly am not just advertising this sale to only help myself. I have shopped and worked with Encores for several years--as in I did this before Olivia was home. I actually started doing it to get to shop early for my niece, Annelyn. I can always find great stuff for a ton less than I would at a boutique store. They grow so fast that I can't justify $70 for one outfit. Now, before adoption, yes....I did do that, but my world has definitely changed. Every penny that goes out of my hands I think, "that would cover ___ for an adoption." It's true. It is amazing how my eyes and heart have forever been changed by adoption. I love this sale because of Natalie Dohanos! She is the sale owner and she truly loves what she does. For her, this isn't just a one week thing. She works on this year round. She knows the people that shop and takes an interest in them making the experience of Encores even better!! So, come check it out! Here is a link to the website!!! See you there!

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