Saturday, July 7, 2012

Big Girl Bed

When we bought Olivia's furniture, we went ahead and purchased her "forever" bed. She has been in a toddler bed from Pottery Barn until now. I am a furniture snob and only want solid wood pieces in my house. Not pieces of plywood--I want the SOLID stuff and that is hard to find anymore. We went to a local store since Cresent is no longer in business and they had one distributor that made solid wood furniture. It was out of Indiana. So, with very slim pickings, we chose what we liked from them and have enjoyed it so far.

Olivia has slept a total of 6 nights (as in sleeping through the night and not waking) since coming home in Feb. 2011. Most nights consist of her sleeping in her bed for 2 hours and then coming to us. If I take her back (which I battled for many months), she immediately wakes up when I move away from her. She could be 100% knocked out and wake up when my feet hit the floor to walk away. In many ways, I feel like this is our biggest challenge at this point.
I thought that if we set up her "big girl bed" and move her out of the toddler bed that she would sleep. She would have more room to roll and I thought that maybe that was the issue. Nope, now she has a big girl bed, little room to play, and night terrors! Oh my! I am at a loss here. I guess the plus side is that I don't have to sleep in a toddler bed anymore. :) Also, we needed that bed for when Easton comes home, and I wanted to go ahead and make the change so she doesn't think he took over her bed.

We will keep at it. I have learned that she is doing things that I said she would NEVER do, such as sleep in our bed, but hey, surely she won't go to college still sleeping in our bed?!? To be honest, some nights I love that she is sleeping with us. SOME being the key word. I like her little snuggles and sweet face being right there. Then its the other 80% of the time that I really wish she would be in her room. How many kicks and punches in the head and ribs can one take, right?! I have noticed that she is unable to sleep soundly unless she is touching one of us. I have to remind myself that she has still spent more time in Korea than she has here. She co-slept there with her FM, and that is what comforts her. I don't know how to break it. ANY suggestions from my AP friends would be absolutely wonderful. :)

Happy Sleeping!

Oh, ignore the fact that she doesn't have any bedding on there. Its not done yet. We also hadn't purchased the rails for the side of the bed and I was worried about her rolling off. So, that is her toddler bed on the floor along with lots of pillows around the bed. What a mess!!!

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