Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Off to the dentist!

Today we had another first. Olivia went to the dentist for her first visit. How did it go? She probably wasn't the worst kid they have ever had, but definitely didn't win any awards for being the best. She was fine brushing and playing with the big teeth
...and interested when they were cleaning my teeth, but the whole story changed once it was her turn.

Falling apart! The big scream is coming soon!!

She did allow them to get toothpaste on the top two and bottom two. Who needs all those other teeth anyway, right?! They are just for looks I am sure. So, maybe next time we can clean those. We will see! She is one stubborn kiddo. She had those jaws locked tight!

Looking a bit like Mr. Ed!

Picking out her new toothbrush! She chose Woody from toy story.

All smiles once she got away from the chair and in the waiting area. Oh my!

Woohoo! Several of our kiddos will be getting a new toothbrush. The request has been that for us to send them since they are staying in Korea so much longer. Toothbrushes are really expensive over there, so I asked for some while at the dentist today! Love my dentist and the staff there!!!

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