Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter!

Easter morning started with a tired girl who wasn't sure about looking in her Easter basket.  She perked up and finally went through it.  Oscar seemed ready to go!  He quickly went through his basket and was off playing with his "new" toy.  Olivia pointed out that he (amazingly) had another one just like it downstairs.  The Easter bunny forgot a few things, but mommy came to the rescue and gave them to her later in the day.  They were a pair of doctor scrubs (she is now Doc Olivia instead of Doc McStuffins) and a couple books. 

she looks super sleepy!

I then headed downstairs to make her a special breakfast. 
bunny sweet rolls!!! 

       Olivia dropped a full bunny face on the floor.  No worries, Harley cleaned it up!

So she started again with another one. 

Then it was off to church for a great Easter morning service.  He is risen!  Jesus is ALIVE!!!

After church, we headed over to John's aunts house where we celebrated Amy's (John's sister) birthday as well as Easter. 
John was having her pretend that the balloons were making her fly away.  She loved it!

She was ducking here since Aunt Amy was throwing eggs and accidentally bounced one off of Olivia's head.  She wanted to catch one, but wanted to take cover, too.  We all had a great laugh out of this!
Daddy pitched in to help her catch a few eggs.  They had fun doing this instead of an indoor hunt since it was raining out. 

Cousin Allayney

Checking out all her new treats.

All the cousins on John's side of the family.  Unfortunately, they are all almost grown up, but they are so sweet to play with Olivia.  Olivia loves her Brittney, that is the cousin she is snuggled up to.   

Olivia and Mick Mick.  She loves him!
We loaded back into the car to head over to mom and dad's house to celebrate with my family.  Leslie and her crew were already at the house when we arrived.  The first order of business was to have their Easter egg hunt.  Olivia proved to be a bit of competition this year zipping around the house grabbing eggs. 
Favorite picture of the day!  I love this!!!





 After the hunt they looked through their mountain of eggs. 

While they were checking this out, Oscar decided he was ready to look through more Easter Baskets! (mom had them covered so the girls would see them at the same time)

On to baskets before Oscar got everything and before dinner!!
Giving Buppy love and thanking him for all the great Easter stuff.  I am sure he picked it all out himself, right?!? ;)

Sporting their new Tinkerbell sunglasses!
We stopped all the chaos fun, and went to enjoy a great dinner.  We are so blessed to all sit around the table and celebrate together.  My oh my how I love my family.  Sometimes I look around and wish I could freeze time.  (ok, add in Easton and then freeze!) 
It was getting late so the last fun item for the day was for the girls to dye eggs together.  They had a lot of fun doing this, but we were all tired at this point. 

Happy Easter!!!  We are one blessed crew! 

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