Monday, October 28, 2013


We always carve pumpkins at mom and dad's the Saturday before Halloween.  This year, like many others, we got started a little late.  I know, shock!  The girls had a great time nonetheless. 
Olivia and Annelyn loved how the inside of the pumpkin felt to their hands.  Somehow, seeds began to fly across the room?!?! 
 She's walking and all smiles!

These two sure do love each other. 
 Oscar loves Pumpkin carving!

Adeline was laid back watching. 
The girl's get in close to see what Buppy is doing with the pumpkin's. 
....and then they are off again to play. 

 I tried to snag a picture with Olivia, but she had the sillies.  Everything was hilarious to her!


 While dad continued to carve, we snagged a decent picture of all the girls....and Harley. 
Cinderella and Minnie had already gone home.  Thanks Buppy!  You always do an amazing job!

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