Friday, September 12, 2014

A fun weekend

We have been getting into the swing of school and been super busy, sick and busy again.  This past weekend wasn't any exception.  Our plans changed on Saturday, but it ended up being really fun!  We were headed to a party for our neighbor when I learned it was adults only.  While that is fine, I didn't have a sitter and I really want to spend my weekend with my kids since I am gone all week at work.

John was out running errands and saw that the firemen were practicing drills.  He came home and got Olivia to take her to watch since they had the big ladder out.  She was THRILLED to say the least.  Right as they pulled out the bottom fell out of the sky.  They went to the store first to get a birthday present for a party the following day and then got to go over to the fire hall.  She had a blast!  I stayed home because we started potty training Easton again and he can't go out with just underwear on....I don't trust him yet to do that.  While he was on the potty, I got this picture of my sweet girl.  Apparently one of the firemen suggested John take her across the street to Dairy Queen if he were a good daddy.  John told Olivia that the nice fireman (that he has known for years) should give Olivia some money since he made the nice suggestion.  Without skipping a beat, Olivia looked at him and asked him for some money.  He gave her a 1.00!  She never ceases to surprise us! 
 My sister had text me earlier in the day and asked us to come to some food vendor festival.  It sounded fun and I had promised Olivia a fun night (the birthday party), so we loaded up and headed to Murfreesboro.  Olivia had a blast!  She got pizza, Italian ice, 2 tiramisu's, popcorn, and more!  She loved getting to do the bouncy obstacle course, got three balloon animals and a frog painted on her hand.  Even better, she got to do all this with her favorite person....Annelyn!

This kid loves a "beanbag catcher!"  She was so excited to see that they had corn hole!

Definitely a great weekend!!

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