Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Celebrating together, finally!

For the last two years we have celebrated dad's birthday and said, "next year Easton will be here and we will celebrate both of you."  Dad would joke and ask how big of a party he was getting once Easton was home.  Finally Easton was here to celebrate this year!  It didn't quite happen as planned or envisioned, but we celebrated and it is one for the books.  We decided the Saturday before their birthday we would make for Easton and Sunday would be for dad.  Off we went to the zoo on a cloudy, chilly Saturday.  The kids seemed to have fun! 

Olivia jumped when John put the bird on her arm.  I am not sure why....we do this everytime we go to the zoo, but she jumped so big that she scared the poop literally out of the bird and right down John's jacket.  Yep, that was the day maker!

We came home and had planned to eat out for dinner, but I didn't feel quite up to it.  So, we got CFA and ate at home and headed to bed early.  At this point, I had been battling a kidney stone for a month and had been to the ER the night before.  Apparently the stone decided to get stuck and just wouldn't come out.  I had surgery on the 16th to remove it.  I digress....back to the celebrating....
Sunday we went to my parent's to celebrate dad and Easton.  I felt horrible that I didn't have a gift for dad, but I have been in survival mode.  I put an IOU in his card and still need to pay up.  I am quite sure there isn't a gift in this world that could possibly show either one of my parents how valuable they truly are to me. 

The best attempt at getting both birthday boys.  There were many out takes, but neither were cooperating.  Happy birthday to both of you.  Buppy, you are the best Buppy in the world!!!  
We came home and Olivia had gone with her daddy after the zoo on Saturday to get Easton a present.  She picked it out all by herself, wrapped it, picked the card, signed it and put the little letter E next to the gift.  She was so proud of herself!

 This little face says so much.  She LOVES being a big sister, but sometimes she still misses it all to herself.  She was so excited and he would get mad everytime she tried to show him something. 
As you can see, we got her to join back in and she was a happy big sister again. 

Happy 3rd birthday Easton!


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