Sunday, November 16, 2014

Halloween Night

Well, from the night before when we dressed them up for the "practice run" it was nice and warm out.  Then a cold front moved through.  Boy were we cold!!!  We made it the circle around our neighborhood, and then we were very ready to get home in the warm house!!!  We enjoyed pizza with some of our sweet neighbors before heading out in the cold.  We are so blessed to live in a neighborhood with so many kids that are close to the age of Olivia and Easton. 

 We attempted a group shot.  Way to go big sis!!  She tried to keep Easton in the pic!

When we got home my parents were there with warm chili ready to eat!  They had been handing out candy for us.  Last year we didn't have nearly enough candy, and this year I returned some because we had way too much and not enough trick or treaters due to the cold.  Easton loved going door to door and getting FOOD!!!!

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