Monday, November 17, 2014

Baby Lana

Sunday after Halloween we had a party for sweet baby Lana.  I had so much fun decorating!  I never get to do this kind of stuff anymore, so I soaked it up!!

 Mom to save the day!!  She got the food, fixed it and then put it on the trays....with Olivia's help of course.  Danyell's friend Lindsay also helped with food and the party.  She was busy getting her things set up at this time as well.  She was also our photographer for the day!!

Danyell is such a beautiful girl inside and out and is also a great mama!  She is gonna love having a girl!  I am so use to seeing her with boy stuff for Levi that it was weird to see her with pink!

She got some great stuff!!!  I can't wait to meet baby Lana!


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