Thursday, July 16, 2015


At the beginning of summer, Olivia made a list of everything she wanted to do this summer.  A bucket list of sorts.  We have marked off a lot of them, and can now put a check next to camping.  As I typed this, I can look at the monitor and see her and her daddy snoozing out in the tent.  He hooked up our monitor so she could tell me goodnight and so I could be a part of it.  Easton ate a smores and then came in and is happily sleeping in his bed.  We use to have a HUGE tent, but it got yucky and has since been thrown away.  So, step one was to go get a tent, chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers this afternoon.  She had no idea this was gonna happen, but with the humidity heading back in tomorrow, today was the best option!  

Easton tried to blow the fire out!

Enjoying our smores!

Those things are messy! :)

 Off to bed! 

 But first they made some shadow puppets.  

Looks like her first camping outing is going to be a success.  I must say, I will enjoy sleeping in my nice bed instead of the ground, but they seem to be snoozing nicely.  

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