Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Apparently I need the award for "mom fail!" Olivia didn't do well on her eye exam last fall at our pediatrician, and we didn't actually see an eye doctor until last week.  She seemed to be doing fine and wasn't squinting or acting as if she couldn't see. She was super quiet at that particular doctor visit and was only being asked to tell them what picture she saw. It's not unusual for her to not respond when she is in an unfamiliar situation so I didn't put too much thought into making an imminent appointment. Fast forward to this summer. She has said many times that she has a clear eye and a blurry eye. I got an appointment and we went last week to find out that her blurry eye is exceptionally bad. -5.00 to be exact along with a stigmatism in the same eye. The other eye is fine so it has been compensating for the loss of vision in her bad eye. She was so withdrawn when they said she would have to have glasses. I just knew it was a no go for her and it made me sad to see her revert so quickly. I wasn't gonna let glasses ruin everything she has overcome, but also knew she needed them. So, she went on to gymnastics and we met after to try some on. She found some that she LOVED and hs asked everyday (8-10 times a day) if her glasses are here yet. Well, they arrived today! We got 2 pairs because I wanted her to have what she liked and make this transition smooth for her. It's a big deal!  I have told her basically to wear them when she wants. No pressure. She has had a ton of fun walking around today with her good eye closed and seeing from her blurry eye! This kid is one amazing kiddo!

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