Friday, July 3, 2015

Surgery for Easton

A few weeks ago I could tell that Easton's tubes had come out based on his behavior and speech.  I took him to the doctor and sure enough, they were out.  Off to the ENT to see what the plan was now.  He has been so great for us!  He confirmed that they were out and said that because of the benefits that we had with tubes the first time that he thought tubes and adenoids would be the best option for us at this point.  So, on July 2nd in we went.  Luckily, Easton woke up happy this day.  He took off down the hall to go to surgery and before we knew it, he was done.  

He had a lot of pain after from the adenoids.  Apparently, they were really large and he had quite a bit of fluid already on his ears even though his other tubes hadn't been out for a long time.  After more medicine, he still refused to swallow.  They put us in a room and we waited.  He began to drink a little from a syringe. We were discussing leaving, and he threw up.  So, we decided to try to a little jello slowly.  He did well and we were off, NOPE.  As I gathered him up and my things, he got sick everywhere.  


Another hour and a little more liquid that stayed down and we opted to head home.  They offered for us to stay, but we felt like he would do best at home.  We promised that if he couldn't keep fluids down that we would head back in to stay, but he did well.  He is on the mend and we went back for a recheck and he looks great!  We will go back in 6 mos.  Hopefully this is the last set of tubes.  

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